Hamartia - Heart of Pain, Head of Noise

>> Monday, January 9, 2017

Hamartia is a project hailing from Buffalo, NY. It's focus is mainly on live shows, where the leader and and a backing band free form their way through the show. Generally causing a ruckus and probably headaches for the venue owner.

To quote the original email:

The essential part of the live show, however, is the communal destruction that occurs.  I bring, and encourage others to bring as well, anything they'd like to smash.  TVs, stereos, radios, old computers, speakers, AC units, glass panes and bottles, really anything that can be broken in a cool way.  It's all set up beforehand, and then partway through the show, I come out into the audience and hand out hammers, crowbars, golf clubs, pipes, chains, etc., and everyone is encouraged to go absolutely apeshit on everything, and destroy to their heart's content, and as such, become a part of the show themselves, as the sounds of their destruction add to the din of noise that's already being created.  Venues are usually an absolute mess after I'm done.

Naturally, that's the danger music aspect, but I also take it one step further.  I often begin shows by putting a black hood over my face, and choking myself to close to the point of passing out, while the intro segment plays.  In my most recent show, I broke multiple glass bottles over my head, smashed a windowpane of glass, and rolled around in the shards, stabbing them into my hands, arms, and legs, grabbing pieces and cutting myself with them, covering myself with blood.  I took a broken bottle and cut my chest in front of the audience repeatedly.

With that being said they/he also have several album releases which (partially) showcase their sound and overall ambiance. I was directed towards this album as an exemplary sound. It's a minimalist but overall enjoyable trek through delay and drone effects that bundle up into chaos over time. It doesn't have the dense layered packs of noise that I usually look for in noise but the album is paced well enough that the drones and signals don't overstay their welcome. If you're into more minimal, raw albums I'd suggest you check this one out.

Here a few links to check out:

Performance video.


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