C.C.C.C. / Jalopaz / Alchemy Of The 20th Century

>> Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A three way split which is more of a set of three EPs released back in 1997. C.C.C.C. offers their usual brand of sonic mayhem that develops interestingly but unfortunately at one point the sound on the right channels gets cut off which I didn't find very pleasant.

The other two bands are much lesser known figures at the time. Jalopaz offers more of a drone track that is accompanied by a cellist. Their piece isn't very interesting mostly due to poor recording quality but the electronic part of the due does get interesting at points.

Alchemy Of The 20th Century is/was a moniker of Mikko Aspa (most famously known for Clandestine Blaze). On this split he sends us love with a pure dark ambient track which is probably the best of the bunch here but like a lot of ambient it overstays its welcome near the end.

All in all this is worth checking out but not really suited for repeated plays.

Get it here.


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