Caroliner ‎– I'm Armed With Quarts Of Blood (1990)

>> Thursday, July 12, 2012

There are times when I'm asked to provide some sort of summarization of what "noise" truly is...I guess as concept or art form specifically. And that's one tough, controversial answer. I usually say noise is a kind of agenda that incorporates, among other things, performance art with sound and aggression. There are some noise bands, we can hopefully agree, that do make a better impression live than on record. Maybe all of them. Maybe none of them. Whether you think Caroliner is a band that might be better live, since the theatrics are pretty interesting, or whether you think they are a de-facto noise band are questions that have, once again, controversial answers. I'll provide my answer to the latter: Caroliner is a fascinating "noise" band whose album incorporates rock, folk, silliness and other abstractions to form some sort of redneck duck soup. The variation of sound and atmosphere these tracks create are both wonderful and terrifying in equal amounts. If not exactly pristine "noise" sound, then Caroliner at least encapsulates the spirit of cacophony. If you want blood...Caroliner's got in in quarts.