Borbetomagus - Experience The Magic (1993)

>> Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I love record store day, which was last Saturday for those who don't know. And it so happens that this particular store contains an incredible amount of 'experimental' music, from musique concrete vinyls to Raster Norton CDs. I happened to spy this album from one of my favorite jazz groups (yes, jazz) and bought it, as is the ritual of record store. This might be the first time I've made a purchase of music in person, so it's important. (At least to me) Moral of the story: embrace record stores, while they can still put up a fight, 'cause Borbetomagus could be right around the corner.

As for the music, well, it's a furious jazzy noise hell, which is a good thing. And 'cause it's been a while, and I luv y'all, I'm giving this mf'er in FLAC

For those who actually bothered reading this, I'll give you some incredibly awesome breaking news: Terror Noise Audio is mentioned in the upcoming Duke University Press ethnography book "Japanoise: The Cultural Feedback of Global Media Circulation" I happen to know the professor who worked on it, so I'll be posting news about it every now and then. Only a few more steps to total noise world domination! 


Dagda Mor Mediafire Folder

>> Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not much here, just three albums in a Mediafire folder.

Agent Provocateur, 256Kb
This Sun for Europe, 224Kb
The Border of the Light, 192Kb

I will slowly be moving everything to Mediafire. Slowly. Well, you know me.

Be seeing you.