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>> Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Navicon Torture Technologies – Pure Skin (2006)

>> Friday, November 11, 2011

The typical reaction for an individual who has never heard of 'noise music,' or for that matter experimental electronic music, is to reject it on the basis of monotony. Power electronics can be even harder to grasp since it's based on repeating squalls of feedback. But there are examples, as with any genre, of artists who transcend those boundaries to create original and fresh work. Such is the case with Lee Bartow's Navicon Torture Technologies, an artist whose work blends the extremes of harshness and beauty of carnal desire in a way that's truly astonishing. Pure Skin is a perfect example of this, making for some truly effecting power electronics that doesn't necessarily follow the characteristics of Whitehouse-esque provocation. A must listen.


Pauline Oliveros - Four Electronic Pieces 1959-1966 (2008)

>> Friday, November 4, 2011

Take a look back into the past of electronic music with Pauline Oliveros, a key figure in electro-acoustics/musique concrete, or what have you. There's four pieces here, each with dense, awesome sounds. I'll admit noise doesn't date like other genres of music do; these tracks are still as fresh and striking now as they must have been decades ago.


AUN - VII / Black Pyramid

>> Thursday, November 3, 2011

While most of you into drone ambient and similar genres are probably familiar with this project I'm sure there are those among you haven't been graced by the otherworldly music created by AUN, here's two albums from 2010, the rest of the discography is just as good.

lossless: VII / Black Pyramid


Budrūs – Devyniems Rytams Auštant

Power electronics mixed with martial industrial, really awesome stuff! read more about it here.

1 Nešamas 0:53
2 Skleisme Vyta 6:08
3 Aidi Agila Gelmėj 8:18
4 Dulksna Randas 7:48
5 Drąskyti Sapną. Atbulom Link Skliauto 3:25
6 Pjūtyje 6:19
7 Branduolinio Ryto Pašvaistėje 3:37
8 Vėrinio 5:20
9 Būdraujante 7:21


Jesus Of Nazareth – The Shame Of Being A Child

>> Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Second release from this US (mostly) extreme Noise / Gabber unit. Beginning with punishing drill n' bass breaks and blastbeats with monstrous psychotic vocals and HARSH noise, "The Shame Of Being A Child" progresses into ghostly drones and white noise. Add in some Merzbow-meets-Boredoms insanity, mashed up grindcore debris, heavy machine beat action underneath swirling drones like ala Troum or Final. Overall, this album falls somewhere around the intersection of Discordance Axis, Muslimgauze, Japanese Noise, Nasenbluten and Winterkälte(!). Highly recommended to avant-grind and heavy noise fans. 
I fucking love this release.