Prurient - Mummification And Prayer

>> Monday, September 19, 2011

Another debut as far as I am aware.  This is an hour of work from 2001 spread across two C30s which equals four fifteen minute tracks that seem to be a single consistent piece, possibly recorded live.  It has a definite lo-fi aesthetic about it that is consistent with Prurient releases such as Whooping Cough, Starvation, and Shrimp Crescent.  Doesn't seem to mesh with its packaging "mate", Arbitrary Witness, in any noticeable sound.  A wonderful piece of work, best listened to in its entirety.  Four untitled tracks.



TTunco September 21, 2011 at 10:46 AM  

Thanks for sharing this release.

hhhaaaooonnn April 3, 2012 at 8:41 AM  

thank you much for sharing this, had been interested in it and looking for it, I appreciate it

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