Various Artists - Total Gape

>> Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Killer power electronics comp from a few years ago on Negation Is Freedom, limited to 200 copies. A side seemed to be dubbed a little bit lower than B, but I kept the levels identical for both just because. B side really cranks for this reason. Just turn up the A side a bit while listening. Breathing Problem + Ichorous tracks in particular really slay.

A1: Brutophilia - Destitute
A2: Storm & Stress - Beat To Fuck
A3: Bereft - Payback
A4: White Heterosexuals - Paramilitary Romanticism
A5: Crosse Humiliation - A Very Young Rider
A6: Burial Hex - Cunt Oracle
A7: Sharpwaist - Wasps In The Wall
A8: New Pledgemaster - Looking To Fuck
B1: Breathing Problem - War Wounds
B2: Craniopagus - Black & Gay Fantasy
B3: Moribund - Menstrual Fist
B4: Power Through Will - Revolution
B5: Ichorous - Breathing Under Earth
B6: Sewer Goddess - I Stalk II
B7: Body Collector - Corners Of Ache

V0 rip, like always.


ZM76 April 21, 2012 at 8:01 AM  

Totally rips from front to back -- Gein style, baby!

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