Snimoknok\Booby Mason

>> Friday, April 15, 2011

One-man noise unit started by Anton Gudkov in 2009 in Russia, Omsk. His first albums were released under the name “Snimoknok”. First album “Go Back Home To Your Toys” (Назад Домой К Своим Игрушкам) was much more a cut-up thing, a sound collage, a mix of sounds from different sessions. As motley as the cover-art of it. Then began noise. 99% of it is an analogue noise and is created with a help of vocal and some guitar pedals. All sounds were/is and will be created in his room. Being an artist, he designed all the covers of his works (except a couple of them). Anton did albums under different names: Snimoknok (analogue noise), Atomic Vomit Woman (digital noise), RKKA (some sort of idm) and H.I.R.O.S.H.I.M.A. Recordings – fake compilations, containing unreleased material, very different and unsuitable for albums. Last (!) work under “Snimoknok”-name was released with a help of RusZUD net label in 2010. Since the beginning of the year all recordings are signed as “Booby Mason” (name has nothing in common with masons; much more with boobies).


Mind Killing Noise War Music (2009)

Magic Cosmic Wall (2010)
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