Nebulae - Nebulae I - Into The Spaces Between

>> Thursday, April 7, 2011

My name is Christoph Belka and some time ago I created the Ambient/Noise 
project Ulthar but after circa two years I was not really satisfied with 
the direction which it took. So I decided to reinvent it and I gave it a 
new name: Nebulæ. This new name also came with a new idea. I wanted to 
create more cosmic and atmosperic music but still I liked the good old 
My Debut is concipated as a C90 audio cassette but I am not interested 
in financial profit from this release, so i will just give some copies 
to friends and the rest of the world must live with this mp3 release. 
everyone is able to make his own copy with a cassette recorder and a 90 
minutes audio cassette.
It contains an A side and a B side. Both are total different from each 
other. The A side creates more atmosphere and is the quiet part of this 
tape. There is more drone and ambient at this side. The B side instead 
is creating terror and noise and contains also some materials which I 
already published as Ulthar. Also it contains some previously unreleased 
To describe my sound I would use definitions like ambient, drone, 
experimental, industrial, noise.
Users of your page can contact me via myspace:
or this e-mail:

A.001.0 - M42: Drowned in Drone
A.001.1 - Interlude: Spaceship Aproaching (Pull The Trigger - Neurotic 
A.002.0 - B33: Hordes Of Baphomet
A.002.1 - Interlude: Voight-Kampff Test on Leon (Blade Runner Skit)
A.003.0 - M 57: A Circle
B.001.0 - Carnivore
B.001.1 - Untitled I
B.002.0 - Angstzustand (State of Fear)
B.002.1 - Untitled II
B.003.0 - Untitled III
B.004.0 - Spirits Of The Dead (Ikteka Remix)
B.005.0 - Über den Göttern - Above The Gods (Harsh Version)
Files: A.mp3; B.mp3
Total Size: 205MB (215 780 469 bytes)
Duration: 1:29:54.244 (237886147 samples)
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Channels: 2
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Codec: MP3
Codec Profile: MP3 CBR
Encoding: lossy
Tool: LAME3.98r
Tag Type: id3v2
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


/root April 10, 2011 at 3:30 PM  

some of the infos are outdated :D i sent you this release last year. the myspacepage ultharambient doesn't exist anymore. i moved to and i further use facebook at: (best option for contacting me is this or the e-mail adress above)

cheers, Chris / nebulæ

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