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>> Friday, April 15, 2011

Abridged Pause Recordings introduces the two newest releases! Beyond the Dune Sea and Vision Éternel are now fully active on the Abridged Pause roster. We really hope you will take a bit of your time to check them out, because these bands have been hard at work lately, and they deserve new ears. That's why we would also appreciate any word-of-mouth you can do for the bands, and the label! Because without fans, the music industry would be nothing. Let's keep the indie scene alive! Vinyls should be coming on Abridged Pause this summer!

Beyond the Dune Sea - s/t debut album
APR4, March 9th, 2010

beyond the dune sea album cover

Beyond the Dune Sea’s debut full length is a brilliant album. And it was done in such a “post-musical” style as well. A series of live jams were recorded and the whole thing was put together in post-production style by Adam Kennedy. The entire album is flawless and could be your next album on repeat once you get started. This is not to be passed by in 2010.
01 Welcome to the Dunes
02 The Dune Sea
03 The Red Tide
04 Time is of the Essence
05 Save Game
06 Embryo
07 Reflection in the Sea
08 Final Solution
09 Welcome to the Dunes (Reprise)
10 Return from the Sea


Vision Éternel - Abondance de périls
APR3, March 9th, 2010

abondance de perils cover

“Abondance de périls” is the new ep by Vision Éternel. As it’s third release, the band has moved to a newer sound, but still keeping the composition it is known for. This splendid short play will be your soundtrack to late lonely nights, and will make you feel just like the artist was when writing these pieces. As usual for the band, it is a concept album. It is the third instalment in the post-phases of love. For the first time VE has worked with external artists (in the mastering and the artwork of the album) and it adds an entire new dimension to this beautiful masterpiece.

01 Thoughts as Solicitation
02 Thoughts as Obstacles
03 Thoughts as Naïvety
04 Thoughts as Years
05 Thoughts as Affection

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