Marc Broude

>> Thursday, March 31, 2011

After leaving  the seminal Chicago-based noise outfit Panicsville in 2005, Marc Broude began a solo project drawing from a multitude of diverse genres including dark ambient, drone, experimental, lo-fi and avant-garde with occasional one-off collaborations with the likes of Hair Police, Lasse Marhaug, Ryoji Ikeda and Kenji Siratori. In 2006 Broude joined Grindcore outfit Zog as the bassist and vocalist. After the death of Danny Cortez in 2007 Broude left and continued his solo endeavor.

Using low frequency sound exploration , field recording, water,  voltage-controlled oscillators, Zen-inspired ecclesiastical hymns and scordatura  notation Broude established a cult following. Despite offers from 4 independent labels Broude founded his own label, No Zen Records which he releases his own material on.

1 album, 1 ep.


Marc Broude - Medicine (2009)

01. Mineral Water (04:12)
02. Face Covered In Shit (05:39)
03. Fire On The Water (05:55)
04. Happy Like Jazz (07:48)
05. For The Flies (05:55)
06. War Of The Worlds (06:25)
07. Muerte (06:44)

Rites Of Zen

01. Rites of Zen


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