>> Friday, March 25, 2011

The time has come for me to depart from TNA and pass on the torch to somebody else. I think I did my share and sadly I don't have much time anymore to dedicate to blogs.

I still have about 3-4 pages of emails from people who sent me their albums, demos, promos and stuff like that. In the following week(s) I will be posting as much stuff I can per day until I run out of working links. I won't post my mini reviews or stuff like that to make this process much faster. I did listen to most of the stuff but writing for each post would be too much trouble so I must abstain from this method. I will post descriptions that came with the emails of course and photos where available. Also I'll post them chronologically from the latest to the oldest so that the oldest can be on top.

After that I'll dump everything else I have but didn't post before.

I've also done some cleaning in the staff area. I gave admin privileges to Blasted, TG, J and La Grippe since they were the most active people lately (excluding ZM76 since he appears and disappears every half-a-year or so ;D) and I also removed some long inactive people (who didn't post anything in over a year or didn't post anything at all (Pompeu?). It's up to the new admins to decide where this ship will sail. Arr.

When that's all done I'm moving away.

Thanks everybody and have fun in the future.

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