Seeker - Invocation of the Sleeper

>> Saturday, July 3, 2010

[Lebanon / 2004 / Autumn Wind Productions]

"Seeker, the manifestation of the will to power, was invoked by Xardas (20.SV) to the earthly dimensions in year one after two thousand. Its existence is of a transcendent one, it's the path of self-illumination rising from its most disciplined practice to its most oppressive trance inducing rituals. Thus, the first ritual of self-awakening is now unleashed on a luxurious CD with a 4 panel cardboard 7"EP bringing forth the darkest and most ritualistic frequencies of will to power that ever emerged on planet earth. One song over 25 minutes long...Submit to The Power of The One."

dark ambient project of 20.SV mastermind Xardas, needless to say this is one amazing release!

Invocation of the Sleeper (25:21)

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Rise of the Seekers
Presence of The Seekers


Zestybrick July 3, 2010 at 6:12 PM  

So hypnotic, great release, and in FLAC too!

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