Prurient - Whooping Cough

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2003 Hospital release, recorded 2001 live to walkman in Providence. 50 copies? maybe, don't know

Had to drop the level for side B, you'll know why about 5 minutes in

A: Chime
B: Chisel



Hair Police - 6.14.10

>> Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"secret show" in Rochester band Pengo's jam space in an industrial park.

Sorry for the shitty iPhone video.


K11 - Voices From Thelema

>> Monday, June 14, 2010

[Italy / 2008 / Aurora Borealis]

"'Voices from Thelema' is an instrumental trans-communication action with short wave radio receivers realized inside Thelema Abbey in Cefal, October 14, 2007. The ruined building stands derelict and on the verge of collapse, though still holds many secrets and has been a focus for much counter cultural activity since its foundation by Aleister Crowley in 1920 as a religious centre and commune where he could instruct disciples in his emerging Thelemic religion and systems of magick in a rural atmosphere, far from the overpowering prevailing morality of England. Activities included meditation and ritual magick, as well as the sensationalised drug taking and sex magick. The wall of many of the rooms were painted with fantastic murals by Crowley himself, depicting many of the elementals and demons encountered in his magickal exercises, and the remains of many of these adorn the accompanying booklet. After being ejected from Italy following scandal and outcry over the goings on at the Abbey, the walls were whitewashed and destroyed. Filmmaker Kenneth Anger, himself a devotee of Crowley, later uncovered and filmed some of its murals in his film 'Thelema Abbey' (1955), now considered lost, and the Abbey has been a place of pilgrimage for many ever since.

K 11 now revisits this site and seeks to uncover the genius loci, the very essence of the building itself, to reach out into the aether and construct meaning and reality from that which is beyond our grasp. The three tracks are the result of this work and, each bearing titles of Thelemic significance, can be said to hold the essence of all that remains at Cefalu, like the background radiation that tells of the Big Bang."

156 (25:18)
418 (15:18)
666 (21:52)



Deathprod - Deathprod

>> Wednesday, June 9, 2010

4-disc drone-y ambient affair. Pretty good stuff. Released on Rune Grammofon in 2004.
Part 1
Part 2


Psychward vs. TSS - Black Anxiety

>> Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Magik Crowbar release, very limited.


Merzbow & Gore Beyond Necropsy - Rectal Anarchy

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

[Japan / 1997 / Release - Relapse records]

This release was actually my first exposure to noise, back in the day I thought this was the most extreme shit ever haha.
it still rips balls.

1 Punks Not Dead Kennedys Rectal Anarchy 23:51
2 Chaos Disorder Rectal Anarchy 0:43
3 Pretty Vacant Panty Rectal Anarchy 0:59
4 Love Me Suicidal Tendancies Rectal Anarchy 0:24
5 The Sunlight Path Rectal Anarchy 0:32
6 Between Nothingness And Eternity Rectal Anarchy 0:45
7 Split Crotch Disorder Rectal Anarchy 0:26
8 Snatch Punk Rectal Anarchy 0:16
9 Pussy Poking Disorder Chaos Anarchy Rectal Anarchy 0:33
10 In Tight Disorder Rectal Anarchy 2:12
11 Tits 4 Chaos Rectal Anarchy 0:36
12 Finger Friggin' In Grind Rectal Anarchy 1:20
13 Melon & Mounds Rectal Mosh Anarchy 0:55
14 There Way All The Mosh Rectal Anarchy 0:36
15 Say Ah! Punks Rectal Anarchy 1:16
16 That Takes Balls Rectal Anarchy 0:05
17 Ski Meat Funky Rectal Anarchy 0:05
18 Jeff Stryker Super Star Rectal Anarchy 0:05
19 Mods Action Ultra-Shit Rectal Anarchy 0:43
20 Ten Groovy Wheel Drive Rectal Anarchy 0:52
21 A Horse Named Rectal Anarchy 0:28
22 Heritage Banner Dictate Passion Hate Rectal Anarchy 1:49
23 Force Dead Face Apathy Under The Rectal Anarchy 1:45
24 London Calling Chaos Damnation Action Violent Rectal Anarchy 0:07
25 Parracide Blaze Of Socialized Rectal Anarchy 0:46
26 Agent Orange Country War Feast Rectal Anarchy 0:36
27 Release From Agony State Of Procession Rectal Anarchy 1:36
28 Morbit Shit Confusion Anarchy Violent Rectal Anarchy 0:09
29 Manta Size Shit Body Pollution Hate Rectal Anarchy 0:54
30 Up Her Shit Emotion Disregarded Rectal Anarchy 1:24
31 He Can Fly Them Against Cruel No Harm Shit Rectal Anarchy 1:51

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