Wraithers - Dark Hollow & Solip:System

>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

Me doing things? How could this be? :D

To open the season of my usual schizophrenic habit of not doing anything for months and then just  happen to pop in and post until I pass out, I present you these two relatively new releases by Wraithers. We have an album called Dark Hollow and an EP called Solip:System.

Dark Hollow

The album opens up with a relatively long drone track which mostly varies in just oscillation but it does manage to create an atmosphere and it draws you in (well, me at least). The whole album progresses from very minimal and drone sound towards more and more chaotic noise. Each new track delivers something new and refreshing so I can safely say that this is quite good for my standards. There's a bit of everything. The only downside I could find is that some songs might have lasted too long and some too short.


D Is For Dystopian Pulp Landscape; Fastening Chamber
Held By A Shadow
Mama Glow
Member Coyote
The Witch Riding Your Back



And this would be the EP. In terms of sound and the overall feel it's much different from the album. The first song actually has an elaborate usage of instruments with noise in the background and some field recordings if I'm not mistaken. It actually reminds me of Godspeed You Black Emperor a bit; but with more noise. Very relaxing. The second track felt a little out of place, I didn't particularly liked it.

Anyways, check both of these out, that's what I would say.


01. Snooper
02. Unit VI: Purple



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