Rodger Stella - Foucault Zombie

>> Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rodger Stella is probably noise's premiere party animal. The man seems biologically incapable of performing sober, and is determined to have a great time by any means necessary. Armed with his trusty Moog Etherwave and a fistful of pills, he has been joining up with Nate Young and Steve Kenney's Demons outfit for their tours over the last couple years. Difficult to find a nicer, more approachable guy in the entire scene, I found him at a local show in mid-2008 and we discussed old photography, the now-occurring Mother Savage Noise Productions reissue series, and issues of ¡Alarma! for an hour before his set. Foucault Zombie was originally released on Gods Of Tundra in 2007 on beautiful blue vinyl and quickly landed on many "best of the year" lists. This self-released CDr edition sports longer cuts of both sides, amounting to almost 50 minutes of warbling wriggling wormy noise madness. Something like 30 copies maybe on Stella's Mutter Wild.

Pictured is the cover of the GoT LP because a) I don't have a scanner for the CDr copy and b) it's better looking anyway.

1: Untitled
2: Untitled


Throw Rodger an email to buy this and more, including classic 90s Macronympha tapes being reissued in limited quantities now.


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