Skin Graft - 24 Grudges

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Five tracks of total grime, gunk, and polluted sludge from the merciless Wyatt Howland, courtesy of Pleasure Dome Tapez in an edition of 25.



Kaniba - Death Songs

[Finland / 2009 / Autumn Wind Productions / lim.300]

"Inspired by murder ballads and traditional Folk songs of death, Death Songs draws from a rich and incredibly powerful tradition, re-creating the darkness of age-old Appalachian murder ballads in an Industrialised Dark Ambient/Drone-form. Death Songs is the beautiful death, the terrible death, the welcome death, the unexpected death. It is murdering your own child in cold blood, it is beating your lover to death with a stick of wood, it is dying slowly and painfully from a disease, it is the quick and peaceful death in your sleep. Death Songs explores the grand mystery of death in all its aspects. At the same time, it is a 'Death Song' in an even more literal sense, being the last chapter of Kaniba."

1 Leland 5:16
2 She Was Screaming As She Fell But I Never Heard Her Hit 9:26
3 Afraid I Was Too Late 5:42
4 I Have Made It Through The Tunnel 5:42
5 She Stood In The Crowd And Shed Not A Tear 5:25
6 Koresh 10:24
7 Hush Now Little Baby, Don't Cry 5:06


320 | flac


Where is This - Privacy

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

So, back in October, I told you all to buy my record, and some of you did. Thanks for that! So, for those that missed it, I thought I'd post it on TNA (I was holding off, but Burek self-promoted too, so I don't feel as bad :D) as a thank you! It was my first noise album, so it's a bit industrial, a bit musique concrete, a bit odd. There's a very gay music video for one of the tracks here. The newer stuff out soon is much more harsh noise and HNW. So here it is in all its glory:

[2009 - Bored Bear Recordings - Ireland]

Recommended by Prurient!
Also, for more music and info about upcoming WiT releases go here (including details of upcoming records on Deadline, Hoarse and my own label BBR)

[/self promotion]


Cleanse - Moment Of Haste

>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

Really old Chondritic Sound release and the first of Greh Holger's "Cleanse" power electronics material. This appears to be a first edition of 13 copies of the CDr, produced for friends in the scene.

01: Growing Hatred
02: Restraint
03: Premeditated
04: Putrid Lust
05: Final Strength



Richard Ramirez - Rape!

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Classic 90's noise from the Texan terror on Macronympha's Mother Savage Noise Productions. Eleven untitled tracks.



Sutcliffe Jügend - Death Mask

Excellent mid-era SJ which sees a blend between the lo-fi deathworship electronics of the 80s and the brutal lyrical content which would reach full force on When Pornography Is No Longer Enough, released three years later in 1998. The first eight tracks are original compositions for this album, while the last six are reproduced from the We Spit On Their Graves box set and Campaign tape.

1: Metal Device
2: I Never Met A Woman Who Didn't Deserve To Die
3: With This Cock
4: Death Mask
5: The Best Room
6: Born Victim
7: The Killing Of Heather
8: New Year's Day
9: (blank track)
10: (blank track)
11: Whore's Death
12: Campaign
13: Male Supremacy
14: PHL
15: Torture V
16: King Ian




>> Monday, March 22, 2010

LHD is Phil Blankenship of The Cherry Point and John Wiese. I made a zip of a few of there 7"'s and a one-sided LP, all of which are very crushing. Includes Asthma(their first release), Electrophorus, Hands of the Priestess(their second release), and Fascination. All the songs are untitled or just use the same name as the album. If you want the album art or to know which ones are untitled or not just go here.
I really enjoy all of these tracks. If you like your ears getting fucked you should listen.



Barf Thoth - Dark Speech

Sick Llama side project. In this case the title says it all pretty much, weird vocal treatments and shit.

I was a dummy and didn't package this one in a folder, sorry. 2 untitled tracks.



Promos are back in buisness.

Now that I have finally cleared out everything I had we are open for business again.

I wrote some basic rules which can be read on the left. Please read at least half of it. :/

I reorganized my email, made little files etc. so hopefully I will now do these things a lot, lot faster.

I apologize to everyone who I might have not replied or posted their release. This could be for several reasons but this does not prevent you from sending me an email again.


Prurient + Wilt - The Complete Kingdom Recordings

>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

This three-person collaboration is a bit of an odd bird. I haven't heard too much Wilt so I can't say whether or not this sounds like previous Wilt material, but it's difficult as well to hear any specific Prurient-type material. It's very obviously steeped in the old time religion, and extremely limited. It was offered as a special for those who pre-ordered the Prurient + Wilt LP on BloodLust!, Blood Of The Lamb. The twenty copies were gone in less than ten minutes after the announcement.

While obviously there are four tapes pictured, only three are included in this package because the last is just some of the book of Numbers from the bible, courtesy of the Watchtower. I'm sure if you're interested in hearing the bible read to you, they'll send you a little something if you ask. Be sure to get all three .RARs; they're parts of the complete package.

Chapter 1
A1: Red Cross
A2: Heathen
Chapter 2
B1: Pure
B2: Secrets Of The Archivists
Chapter 3
C1: Lamb
C2: The Burnt Offering
C3: A Restful Odor
C4: Providence
Chapter 4
D1: An Installation Sacrifice
D2: Washed In The Blood
D3: Vessel
D4: Seven Virgins Being Transformed
Chapter 5
E: The Nature Of Bacteria
Chapter 6
F1: The Devil As Aerial Spirit & Ungodly Intellect
F2: Leviticus
F3: Revelations


I have test-downloaded all three parts and all are in working order and extract successfully. Part 1 took a couple tries to download successfully; the server it is hosted on is probably having issues. If yours does not extract or stops before reaching the size posted above, please redownload!


Pedestrian Deposit-Volatile

For in person shoutbox. Also highly recommended to anyone else. Probably my favorite Pedestrian Deposit release so good call shoutbox-dude.


Smetnja - Beautiful Imprint

So yeah, I think I cleared out all the promos I had. I'll do a post about that tomorrow when I wake up. Now that I have everything out of the way I'll (ab)use this rare opportunity to flaunt my own stuff. I think it's still in print and I hope that Dreagan won't be mad at me because I posted this. Anyway, it's harsh noise basically. It sounds like you are drowning in that sea on the cover. Track titles + album titles are all manga references.

01. White Gauna 9:45
02. Save Her Snowy Neck 9:20
03. Sully Mansell 21:33

Download (the tags are fucked up).

Check the Sarutra's Music label here.


Nkondi - Popfailure

It's Nkondi, it burns into your ears and never stops.


Released through dollfullofrivets in 2005.


Black Steel Peacock - Face Tones/Blood Control

I don't know why but this cover is disturbing me.

Black Steel Peacock is a noise group from Massachusetts and they have been for quite some time and have amassed a lot of releases. This is one is a short but nicely loud little release from them that they decided to share it with us. Both tracks are harsh noise so if you want some good violent fun, this is what you need.


01. Face Tones (9:48)
02. Blood Control (8:12)

Download via archives.

Released by no more 60s records and tapes.

You can also check their myspace here.


Mo*Te - Stash

Another great release by this guy. Not on discogs apparently so obligatory unrelated pic is what keeps my eyes from falling out. This one is Lo-Fi and is more crunchy, probably a tape rip.


01. Borrowed Bone
02. Equipment
03. Bad Habit
04. Nostrum
05. Nasty Oil



Mo・Te* - Mo・Te

Fucking awesome harsh noise from Japan. Rather unknown really.


A 10g~ 23:42
B Skunk Dub 23:45

This is the album I have I think, the tracks are ripped into several parts unlike sir discogs who claims this is the correct listing.



Josef Nadek - to infect and persist Vol.1

Here's a relatively new album from Josef Nadek. I previously posted his last installment a few months back. Anyway this one is more experimental and probably more harsher if I remember right. It's purely digital stuff I believe so it's not really my thing. It's a strange little trip into someones mind, that's all I can say.


01. Die Gegenfüßler tanzen
02. Coercion
03. The Sayers Of The Law
04. Yidhra Darwinism
05. Yog-Sothoth is LSD
06. Dulce et Decorum Est
07. Hymn
08. Josef Nadek and Monolyth & Cobalt
09. Repentance of Midnight


Check out his myspace here.

Released through TVK.


Christine 23 Onna - Acid Eater

This isn't the usual TNA material but it has Masonna in it so it's relevant to the interest of this blog. Anyway, it's a collaborative project from him and one of the guitarists from Angel'in Heavy Syrup. So yeah, this is basically 70s psych rock worship but with more noise (obviously) and some other influences of modern day world.


Tracklist1 Fantastico 4:08
2 Acid Now! 1:36
3 The Last Hunter 3:31
4 Acid Eater 4:36
5 Planet Unknown 4:27
6 Space Mondo Topless 4:06
7 Love Galactic 6:21
8 Top of Spot 6:30
9 Wild Private 4:46
10 Erotopia (The Climax) 1:41


Released by Midi Creative / Noble in 2002.


Writher - Mind Convulsions

So; ever listened to noise from Vietnam? Well now you have a chance. Writher started in 2009 and so far has three releases that I know of. He decided to share this 47 minute track with us all.

It's a mixture of analogue and digital noise. It starts with some wobbly sounds that I didn't really like but as the track goes it gets better and better. Essentially it's faster paced wall noise, which is always good.

Mind Convulsions (47:13)


Check out his myspace for other releases and information.


Government Alpha - Sporadic Spectra (reupload)

This is the reupload notice of an older post that a few people requested to be brought back to life.

Here you go then. Enjoy.


Wolf Eyes / Prurient - The Warriors

I wasn't aware these guys ever made a split. Actually they made a few of them. This might be my favorite Wolf Eyes material but I can't really say that because I usually don't listen to Wolf Eyes. Prurient is also great on this split.


1 Wolf Eyes - The Terror Tank 16:45
2 Wolf Eyes - Human Animal 11:30
3 Prurient - Straining For Air 2:33
4 Prurient - Rhythm Of Shovels 0:43
5 Prurient - Lime 2:31
6 Prurient - Trapezoid / Spectre Of Death 1:27
7 Prurient - Delirium Tremens 4:02
8 Prurient - Ashen Morning Glory 1:42
9 Prurient - Afternoon Light On Sapphires 1:41
10 Prurient - Sulphur 2:06
11 Prurient - Early Morning Rites 1:05
12 Prurient - Black Cowboy Boots 7:09
13 Prurient - Striped Swimsuit 3:06


Hospital Productions.

Original full version on RRRecycled cassette / RRR
LP on American Tapes / Gods of Tundra.
Tracks 2, 12 and 13 exclusive to CD.


Wraithers - Dark Hollow & Solip:System

Me doing things? How could this be? :D

To open the season of my usual schizophrenic habit of not doing anything for months and then just  happen to pop in and post until I pass out, I present you these two relatively new releases by Wraithers. We have an album called Dark Hollow and an EP called Solip:System.

Dark Hollow

The album opens up with a relatively long drone track which mostly varies in just oscillation but it does manage to create an atmosphere and it draws you in (well, me at least). The whole album progresses from very minimal and drone sound towards more and more chaotic noise. Each new track delivers something new and refreshing so I can safely say that this is quite good for my standards. There's a bit of everything. The only downside I could find is that some songs might have lasted too long and some too short.


D Is For Dystopian Pulp Landscape; Fastening Chamber
Held By A Shadow
Mama Glow
Member Coyote
The Witch Riding Your Back



And this would be the EP. In terms of sound and the overall feel it's much different from the album. The first song actually has an elaborate usage of instruments with noise in the background and some field recordings if I'm not mistaken. It actually reminds me of Godspeed You Black Emperor a bit; but with more noise. Very relaxing. The second track felt a little out of place, I didn't particularly liked it.

Anyways, check both of these out, that's what I would say.


01. Snooper
02. Unit VI: Purple



Prurient - Guide To Grooming

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

According to discogs, this was Prurient's "first solo release on an outside label" or whatever. 113 copies on Jon Borges' Monorail Trespassing label. This rip differs from the other one floating around in that the B-side is properly split up into the three individual tracks from my lossless rip of the tape.

A1: Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy
B1: Maji
B2: Arson : Band-Aid
B3: Fire Alarm (The Language Of The Body)

Link removed by request.


Ramleh - We Created It, Let's Take It Over

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three-CD set from Ron Lessard's RRRecords sublabel Pure circa 1995. The quality's not so great, probably dubbed from the original Broken Flag tapes from the 80s, but they are total classics nonetheless. This will definitely do until the long-expected Harbinger Sound reissue of the "Awake!" box set, in the making for who knows how many years now. The original industrial noise.

Volume I
01: Suction
02: Throatsuck
03: Deathtoll
04: Ramleh
05: Emaciator
06: Onslaught
07: Phenol
08: Fistfuck


Volume II
01: McCarthy
02: Purge
03: Drancy
04: Korpolagnia
05: A Return To Slavery
06: Nordhausen
07: New Force
08: Phenol


Volume III
01: Squassation
02: Prossneck
03: The Hand Of Glory I
04: The Hand Of Glory II
05: Live At The Roebuck



Helter Skelter

>> Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Classic 80s noise on Beast 666 Tapes, still available from the website for 1000 yen or something. Featuring KK Null, Hanatarash, Merzbow, Le Syndicat, and Hijokaidan.

A1: Le Syndicat & Merzbow - Untitled
A2: The Hanatarashi - Live Akme
B1: Null - Telesma Sicut Dei
B2: Hijo Kaidan - Live At 創造道場 11/3/1980



Coalition For A Better Tomorrow

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

According to Apop Records:

Coalition for a better tomorrow was originally recorded as a one time live
collaboration. Between D.N. of the Eugenics Council, Andrew of Praying for
Oblivion/Tote Stadt, Scott and Paul from Sikhara. The tracks where
recorded live in the winter of 99.

This is the second edition of the CD, which was sealed in wax in a petri dish (pictured above). The first edition was in a similar dish, submerged in bacteria-cultivated agar.

01: Coalition For A Better Tomorrow - Live 1
02: Coalition For A Better Tomorrow - Live 2
03: Coalition For A Better Tomorrow - Live 3
04: Sikhara - Live at the Velvet Lounge
05: The Eugenics Council - Live at the Velvet Lounge
06: The Eugenics Council - I Am The Hate
07: Praying For Oblivion + T.E.Z. - Untitled
08: Sikhara - Untitled

Download (Fixed)

Edit: many thanks to Eugenics Council for the mention!


Nothingisttrue / The Rita - Her Corpse Was Missing The Head

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

I got this one as pictured, have never seen one that's not a CDr like so; it's not even on discogs so this might be all there is. It's noise, Sam does a wall, the NIT tracks are awesome, download it



The Hanatarashi - Born To Be Wild

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

The legendary Yamatsuka Eye recording, now available.

Eye was telling me about how the Karoake bars in Osaka have the capability to record a CD of the patron’s evening of song for about $20 (they must be using that computer based recordable CD format). "Eye talked about how he had them record his sing-along to ’Born To Be Wild.’ Just the idea of this blew my mind. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have it anymore. He went to a record shop (Forever 3 in Osaka, I believe) and sold it for like $70...and the store sold it for about $150 almost immediately. "God, I would have loved to heard that. I guess none of us will either, but just thinking about it might be enough. Ha. I still laugh thinking of the possible looks the other customers must have had when he started screaming along to the bouncing ball. "Boorrrrn The Be Wiraerararggggggggh!"
This CD was bought by Ozaki of Prisoner No. 6, is credited to Hanatarash, and also includes the children’s song "Omocha no Cha Cha Cha" ("Toy Cha Cha Cha"). According to Ozaki (in an article he wrote about the CD in Exile Osaka 5), it also included one of Eye’s teeth, which had been extracted by a dentist because it had a large cavity in it (and which continues to decay).

So yep, a guy bought it from a guy and let another guy do a 100-copy tape run of it.

A: Born To Be Wild
B: Omocha no Cha Cha Cha



Damion Romero - You Can Tell By The Blur

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These five mini-cdrs were released over the course of three years on Chondritic Sound and capture five different live performances of Mr. Romero, the noted electroacoustic drone/noise/minimalism recorder who runs the label P-Tapes. All five are packaged in one rar. Each limited to 110 copies. Play on a very bassy system.

You Can Tell By The Blur (Blue)
Live June 26 2005 at Il Corral
You Can Tell By The Blur (Orange)
Live October 28 2005 at Il Corral
You Can Tell By The Blur (Black)
Live April 17 2005 at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes
You Can Tell By The Blur (Yellow)
Live July 9 2005 at The Smell
You Can Tell By The Blur (Green)
Live March 2005 at No Fun Fest



The Sodality - Beyond Unknown Pleasures

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BEYOND classic italian power electronics. Perverse sexuality and understated minimal electronics combine for one of the best PE albums that has ever been recorded.

01: They Never Learn
02: I Can't Stand A Bitchy Chick
03: Catch The Whore
04: I Want Your Blood
05: The Kiddie Eater
06: Fuck Mastery
07: The Younger The Better
08: Beyond Unknown Pleasures
09: Orgies Of Crime
10: And So You Shall



Prurient - Mater Dolorosa

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

Latin for "mother of sorrow", this 2001 mini-cdr is still some of Prurient's harshest material to date. An abrasive frenzy of chopped and sliced and split assault.

This V0 rip will replace the previously-circulating 128k rip.

1: Steam Iron
2: Rusty Ladel
3: Rubber Glove
4: Darning Needle
5: Doeskin Hands
6: Stitch-In-Time
7: Seamless Stocking
8: Ivory Tower
9: Vapor Trail
10: Face Veil
11: Flashgun
12: Silver Bullet
13: Loose Cannon
14: Shining Path
15: Vacuum Cleaner
16: Third Rail



Rodger Stella - Foucault Zombie

>> Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rodger Stella is probably noise's premiere party animal. The man seems biologically incapable of performing sober, and is determined to have a great time by any means necessary. Armed with his trusty Moog Etherwave and a fistful of pills, he has been joining up with Nate Young and Steve Kenney's Demons outfit for their tours over the last couple years. Difficult to find a nicer, more approachable guy in the entire scene, I found him at a local show in mid-2008 and we discussed old photography, the now-occurring Mother Savage Noise Productions reissue series, and issues of ¡Alarma! for an hour before his set. Foucault Zombie was originally released on Gods Of Tundra in 2007 on beautiful blue vinyl and quickly landed on many "best of the year" lists. This self-released CDr edition sports longer cuts of both sides, amounting to almost 50 minutes of warbling wriggling wormy noise madness. Something like 30 copies maybe on Stella's Mutter Wild.

Pictured is the cover of the GoT LP because a) I don't have a scanner for the CDr copy and b) it's better looking anyway.

1: Untitled
2: Untitled


Throw Rodger an email to buy this and more, including classic 90s Macronympha tapes being reissued in limited quantities now.


Teeny Bopper - Perverts

More Teeny Bopper today, short EP style. 2007 Accretion Disk release, ultra-sharp dense digital abuse power electronics.

1: Want A Cookie?
2: Want Some Candy?
3: Want A Brownie
4: Wanna Be A Star!?



Teeny Bopper - Condom Dump

>> Friday, March 5, 2010

Teeny Bopper is the sex-soaked solo power electronics project of Jeremy Nissan, one half of Halflings and one third of Yellow Tears, the shirtless vanguards of American mustachioed digital noise. Not entirely sure how many of this release were made, but it's not on a label.

1: Condom Reflection
2: Facial Disgust
3: The White Sheet
4: Condom Potential
5: Facial Embrace



Jason Campbell / Prurient - split

Just over a decade old, this tape from Campbell's Hermetic Museum Recordings is apparently very hard to find. Seems there's just one reason for this: it's an example of very early material from one of noise's shining stars as of late, Dominick Fernow. In a contrast to his more developed work on Shipwrecker's Diary or And Still, Wanting, his single 30-minute track from this tape is quite lo-fi, making heavy use of found percussion and field recording, similar to an earlier split with Potassium Cyanide Dogbane Sentiment, which will hopefully be coming in the future.

-Jason Campbell
A1: World Domination
A2: Cannibal Cats
A3: Moist And Meaty
A4: The Dread
B: Quary

Download (link fixed)


Evenings - Hopeless

New contributor here. For my introductory post, here's a Tapeworm Tapes release from last year limited to 19 copies. Miles Haney brings forth his brooding, low-end noise on the A-side, with some depressing industrial material on the flip. Both tracks untitled.

This, like every rip I upload, will be -V 0 quality.