Sewer Election - Ljungarum Blues & An Ode To Reality

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

Double tape release by one of my favorite harsh noise wallers. It's harsh noise wall and it's a heavy wall indeed.

Oh and the rip I have doesn't have tracks ripped separately so it's just side a, b etc.


Ljungarum Blues
A1 Amputation Ritual 5:21
A2 Fuel Serpent 5:17
B1 Rural Medicine 5:31
B2 Salt Derelicts 5:36
Remix - Black Sand Desert
An Ode To Reality
C1 Old Broken Axe To Face And Blood Everywhere 10:13
D1 Naked Sacrifice Tied To Upsidedown Crosses And Blood Everywhere 10:16

Ciglja u zidu.

Released in 2008 through Chondritic Sound.


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