Oscillating innards - Seizure oil

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

No cover yet again~

Harsh noise made out of fine oils from the land of seizures (and mad christians).

All tracks recorded between 2001 and late 2002. These are this first Oscillating Innards recordings. In many cases there is minimal or no editing. An initial Siezure Oil CDR was given out to people in 2002. My apologies for inconsistent production and teenage noise/ambience.
Housed in a spray painted DVD case. Limited to 10 copies.


1 Carcinoma
2 Asorbic Serpent
3 Swallowing Ink
4 Yasumi Hige Jiko
5 Kroy Spiral
6 The Legs Of A Sassy Eight Year Old Entombed In An Oven
7 Robotic Wine
8 Congenitally Humiliated
9 Fell Down The Stairs
10 Monobrachius (Acephalus)
11 Phlegmonous Abcess
12 Branded Surface
13 Squeal Milk
14 Cleanliness Of Papers (One And Two)
15 Umi-masu Garasu


Released in 2004 through Iatrogenesis Records.


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