Ascites - Fluid Excess

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here's a relatively new release by Ascites. I posted their stuff before so check that out as well if you haven't.

This c30 was released on Fonofobi tapes in Sweden. The Fonofobi tapes imprint is headed up by the elusive and Audrey Hepburn obsessed skonhet. the tape is limited to 50 pro-dubbed copies, and just in case you were wondering that is a suction canister full of ascites on the cover.

Tape consists of two tracks. Both are harsh noise but not much cacophony. Mevertheless it's not dull because something is always happening and tingling(?).


01. Shifting Dullness (14:31)
02. Fluid Thrill (14:53)


When this was sent to me 10 copies were still in stock. Probably by now it's out of print but Ascites did left me their mail in case someone wants to get in touch for buying. Maybe they have something new? I don't know, ask them here.


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