Tina Torture, two releases

>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another old promo I got. Most of them are old but oh well. It's never late for love.

Tina Torture is a harsh noise project from Romania and he sent us one album and one split.

This would be the promo album and it does not fuck around from minute one it kicks in harsh noising all the way with porn samples moaning in the back. There are also drums from what I could recognize on most tracks but most tracks kinda drag on. The last track really saves the day. A lot harsher and far more fun from the rest of them. Tracks are untagged so I won't bother with tracklist.

Total running time is 19 minutes.


Tina Torture & Vulgar Disease

I'm not sure which one came first but I gotta say the sound on this one is far more refined and harsher. I'd recommend you get this one first if you want to check out this guy. It's kinda the same thing but done better. Vulgar Disease, don't know much about him/them. Sounds like digital noise to me, can't say I like that sort of thing when it's only just that. It's ok I guess. D:


01. Tina Torture - NoIsE # 005 (12:51)
02. Tina Torture - NoIsE # 006 (6:43)
03. Vulgar Disease - Gasoline´s Baptism II ( Benediction In Flames ) (13:08)
04. Vulgar Disease - Requiem Caníbal (6:10)



You can also get his stuff from here.


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