Wolf Eyes - Always Wrong

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

[2009 / USA / Hospital Productions]

Always Wrong is a mantra of severity. Wolf Eyes has been scouring audiences across the globe with their acid drenched industrial noise and dub terror psychedelia, establishing themselves as the trailblazers of a genre and pioneers of the long-form noise tour. coming forth from the piles of tape loops and effects the bulk of tables reeling with electronics have been shed. This clarity never sacrifices intensity as paradoxically this is the most organic of the full lengths but also the harshest and most dissonant.

for some reason this release reminds me of early Swans...

1 Cellar 4:04
2 Living Stone 4:55
3 Broken Order 3:08
4 Pretending Alive 5:07
5 We All Hate You 4:54
6 Always Wrong 2:29
7 Droll/Cut The Dog 6:31




Synth Jerkshop - Amateur Cosmos

>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

Funny how I'm usually not that much in love with stuff that Wolf Eyes does but I do like the stuff that its members do outside wolf eyes. Synth Jerkshop is one of those things that I enjoy. It was a three piece group consisting of: Aaron Dilloway, John Olson, Mike Connelly and they released just this one full length and also appeared on some boxed set. As you might have guessed the album is composed out of synths.


1 Untitled 14:24
2 Untitled 22:14
3 Untitled 3:07
4 Untitled 5:58


Released in 2006 on American Tapes as CDr.


Burning Graveyard Lights - Burning Graveyard Lights

Fairly awesome release that involved several awesome people. The album itself isn't very noisy but it's heavy on the delay effect.

People that participated:


1 Untitled 13:33
2 Untitled 18:40


Released in 2006 by Gods of Tundra as CDr


Moke Grotton - Flesh Is Lunacy

The usual crunchy microphone + pedal noise we all love and adore. Not on label. D:


1 Untitled 10:50
2 Untitled 11:48
3 Untitled 9:48
4 Untitled 10:57



Tina Torture, two releases

Another old promo I got. Most of them are old but oh well. It's never late for love.

Tina Torture is a harsh noise project from Romania and he sent us one album and one split.

This would be the promo album and it does not fuck around from minute one it kicks in harsh noising all the way with porn samples moaning in the back. There are also drums from what I could recognize on most tracks but most tracks kinda drag on. The last track really saves the day. A lot harsher and far more fun from the rest of them. Tracks are untagged so I won't bother with tracklist.

Total running time is 19 minutes.


Tina Torture & Vulgar Disease

I'm not sure which one came first but I gotta say the sound on this one is far more refined and harsher. I'd recommend you get this one first if you want to check out this guy. It's kinda the same thing but done better. Vulgar Disease, don't know much about him/them. Sounds like digital noise to me, can't say I like that sort of thing when it's only just that. It's ok I guess. D:


01. Tina Torture - NoIsE # 005 (12:51)
02. Tina Torture - NoIsE # 006 (6:43)
03. Vulgar Disease - Gasoline´s Baptism II ( Benediction In Flames ) (13:08)
04. Vulgar Disease - Requiem Caníbal (6:10)



You can also get his stuff from here.


Taskmaster - Get Dead

Hungry for some lo-fi tape wall noise? Well here's your chance to wash down your hunger.


Side A (14:48)
Side B (14:53)


Released in 2007 on Rundownsun.


Bunch of Evenenigs

Here's a bunch of Evenings albums. I would usually do a separate post for each but I won't because I'm busy playing Icewind Dale.

Evenings does wall noise sort of thing. I'd start with Crypt Swellings.

Crypt Swellings - released in 2005 on Audiobot as CDr
Descending Coma - released in 2007 on Monorail Tresspassing as a tape
Empty Grail - released in 2008 on Tapeworm Tapes as a tape
Growing Isolation - released in 2009 on Fedora Corpse as LP vinyl
Loose Earth - released in 2007 on Ekhein as a tape
Mute Deviation - released in 2007 on Cut Hands as CDr
The Last Cranch - released in 2008 on Tapeworm Tapes as a tap
Waking Nausea - released in 2007 on Tapeworm Tapes as a tape


Josef Nadek - [zak]

Back to work and here's an forgotten promo I got in the 9th month. I just found it, unread. D:

Anyway, Josef Nadek is an noisy drone project from Austria. I don't get much of that type of things from Austria so it's a nice refreshment. Zak is a one track album that lasts about 27 minutes. The whole album goes by the same principle, guitar/cacophony fades in and then fades out accompanied by various cracking and glitching in the background. Not bad.





>> Thursday, December 17, 2009



Kylie Minoise & Grimalkin555 - Kill Baby Kill!

>> Monday, December 14, 2009

[UK | 2009 | Kovorox Sound]

Another excellent effort by Kylie Minoise coupled with a very impressive debut from Sarah Glass' Grimalkin555. To quote Kovorox's own description on this release: "14 TRACKS OF TERROR HURT AND SICK LOVE." - that couldn't be more true.

1 Grimalkin555 - One Of The Weaker Furies 1:36
2 Kylie Minoise - GROPEFEST SOCIETY! 1:29
3 Grimalkin555 - Zombie Food Court (slomo style) 7:54
4 Kylie Minoise - NATIONAL PERSPIRER! 3:01
5 Grimalkin555 - The Gift That Keeps On Giving 2:05
6 Kylie Minoise - SNOW CAP ON PINK MOUNTAIN! 3:16
7 Grimalkin555 - A Playdate With The Unholy 13 2:39
9 Grimalkin555 - Nightshade Infused Dancecard 1:34
10 Kylie Minoise - MUCH TO THE CROWDS DISTASTE 4:49
11 Grimalkin555 - Lactating Filth 3:31
12 Kylie Minoise - THE SLOW POISONERS! 1:30
13 Grimalkin555 - Shitkicking Deference 5:14
14 Kylie Minoise - ESP ORGY! 11:31

Chumba Wumba


AFX-Smojphace EP

>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Justice Yeldham

>> Sunday, December 6, 2009

"A writhing, contorting, nauseating, sensational screamingfuckingbloodymess, the 33-year-old Australian glassjaw who performs as Justice Yeldham And The Dynamic Ribbon Device has a show so visceral, so alive, that it can move a room full of the most jaded noisenrrds to gaping-mouthed wonderment. The pock-marked bloke born Lucas Abela, mischievously takes the stage of Denver avant-loft/noisenik playhouse Monkey Mania wearing a belt surrounded by distortion pedals and a single contact mic limply dangling from a wire. He squeezes a tube of KY Jelly all over his weathered mug and into his mouth. He clicks on the pedals and presses he face to a triangle of glass. Hideous black garglescuzz pours out of the speaker, each yelp, hum and fart matching his face’s disgusting rubbery contortions. The sounds are inhuman, but their patterns are most definitely familiar, a hyper-distorted screech-tantrum howling in bone-rattling harmonies, all set to the bittersweet aroma of warm lube. He leaps into the crowd, face twisted into apoplectic distortions, and begins seizuring. And here is where everyone starts flipping the fuck out. Abela gnaws on the glass like a lion gutting an antelope. Each sickly crack jettisons through the distortion pedals, blorts out the amp and is followed by the screams of shock, fear, joy and various combinations of the three. The glass comes smashing down on his face. He waits, panting, for the cheers and screams to die down. His cheek is oozing blood from a sharp red line. His earlobe is sliced open and spitting a steady stream down his neck onto his KY-soaked shirt."

Just about all of his recorded works, available at Free Music Archive

Physical Copies, and such...


Various - Therapy For The Insane - A 3 Session Program

[Austria | 2008 | System Breakdown Recordings]

Important Instructions:
1. The patient must be deprived of food for one week.
2. Therapy may be administered while the patient is sober or severely medicated.
3. Therapy should be administered at maximum volume.
4. Therapy must be performed in an empty room and in total darkness or extreme lighting.
5. The patient must be isolated for convulsions and violent behavior may occur.
6. The sessions must be administered as often as possible until the desired results are attained.

1. Tropical Painforest - I will survive the finale countdown
2. Tropical Painforest - Do you really want to have fun
3. Tropical Painforest - Sugar sugar guyver
4. Tropical Painforest - Rotes haar makes me cry like a baby
5. Tropical Painforest - Sweat dreams of the freshmaker
6. Tropical Painforest - Gaybusters siempre amore mr. walton
7. Religious Nightmare - Death march
8. Religious Nightmare - Born to race
9. Religious Nightmare - Religious nightmare
10. Religious Nightmare - Machine gun supremacy
11. Religious Nightmare - Untitled
12. Rosemary Malign - Burning
13. Rosemary Malign - Power
14. Rosemary Malign - Unclean
15. Rosemary Malign - The truth

Upped by some mysterious chap called Burning Witch


Slogun - Bloody Roots

[US | 2009 | Circle Of Shit/Trash Ritual]

It's finally here! I'm glad that people are finally gona stop asking for it. All that's left now is that New Era release ;D Tis limited to 500 copies.

1 Prove Me Right 2:44
2 Drunk 2:53
3 My Burden On You 2:57
4 Anniversaries 3:25
5 This Game I Play 3:16
6 Able Filth 5:52
7 Therapy 2:33
8 It Was - It Is 3:12
9 I Got 3:35
10 From Me To You 3:49
11 Blankets 3:24
12 On Purpose 2:17
13 Dirt 3:07

14 Period 2:19

Link removed on request.

You can buy this release at:



Brian Grainger/David Tagg - Pillbox A-G

>> Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[US | 2008 | Second Sun Recordings]

A retrospective box set compiling all twelve 3" CD-Rs from the 21MG Series in 2007. Box is handmade by David Tagg and can be ordered empty or complete with all 12 discs. The catalog ordering omits PILL-C1 and PILL-C2, as no such releases yet exist.

01.01 David Tagg - The History Of The Merchant Marines 20:46
02.01 Brian Grainger - In A Silver Marsh 20:47
03.01 David Tagg - Bell Island 20:48
04.01 Brian Grainger - Deserted Lifeboats 20:58
05.01 David Tagg - Song For Sabra 19:20
06.01 Brian Grainger - Raindrop Organ 20:28
07.01 David Tagg - Metal Box Requiem 20:58
08.01 Brian Grainger - One Four Nine 20:34
09.01 David Tagg - Fluorescence 20:55
10.01 Brian Grainger - Chrominance 20:55
11.01 David Tagg - White Opium 20:58
12.01 Brian Grainger - Milk Plus 20:56

Part One
Part Two
Part Three