[C. T. D.] - Hyper Power Mega Post

>> Friday, November 27, 2009

Megaupload this time! By request, i've also included links to each release's info and where to buy your own copy.

[C.T.D.]'s Myspace

2008 - First Harsh Work (Never Mind The Napalmed, Here's The [C. T. D.] Dedicated To MSBR):
Download Info Buy
2008 - Geräusch Des Dritten Reichs:
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2008 - Neutron Star:
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2008 - Remains Of Deconstruction:
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2008 - Second Harsh Work (Power Electronics Breeder Reactor):
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2008 - Virus C-9302:
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2008 - We Dream Of Becoming Machines And Crushing Your Senses (w/Youth A.D. & Erekta):
Download Info Buy
2008 - When Humans Are Replaced By Machines:
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2008 - Your Body... Our Prison:
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2008 - [C. T. D.] / Ego Death (w/Ego Death):
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2009 - Black Rust (w/Erekta):
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2009 - Chetniks! (w/Rubbish):
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2009 - Collapsing Mankind (w/Kenji Siratori):
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2009 - Corrosion (vs. Pornhouse):
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2009 - Fourth Harsh Work (Noise Stricken Metal Action):
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2009 - Insanity Process Throught My Heart:
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2009 - Mechanism:
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2009 - Mechanism Of Destruction (w/Animal Machine):
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2009 - New World Order=World War III:
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2009 - Nuclear Sunset (w/Animal Machine):
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2009 - Orthorhombic Crystalline Phase:
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2009 - Radiations (w/Fukte):
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2009 - Rape Trauma Syndrome:
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2009 - Rusted Under The Ice (w/Smrznik):
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2009 - Split (w/GAAD):
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2009 - Third Harsh Work (Cruel Science In Noisemax):
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2009 - Tribute To Merzbirds:
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2009 - Uncontrolled Nuclear Reactors:
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2009 - Wind / Funeral Noise (w/Havoc1986):
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Genocide Organ - Leichenlinie

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vinyl rip of the album from 1989. Old school industrial etc. You know what to expect. :3


A1 Ave Satani

A2 Mind Control

A3 Klaus Barbie

A4 Face Of Horror

A5 Come Orgasm

B1 Stalins Orgeln

B2 1... 2... Tot

B3 Negros In Sky-Wars

B4 Keiner Kommt Zurück


Released through Tesco Organization and De Fabriek in 1989 on vinyl.


Weak Sisters - Subterfuge

Excellent lo-fi harsh noise from Colorado. The B side is a bit disappointing though.


A1 Imperative As A Signal Of Dismissal

A2 Maybe Its Because You Are So Trite

A3 Hollywood St.

A4 The West Is It

B1 Desensitizing

B2 What Is Happening Now Has Already Been

B3 Loft Song


Released through Basement Tapes in 2006.


Werewolf Jerusalem - Short Night of the Butterflies

Surprisingly not that harsh as usual. First song is ambient~ish and others are less like that but still moody. There's also no cover to be found. D:


1 This Dark Room With No Windows 10:47
2 Glass Dolls 5:47
3 Paralyzed Witness 4:41
4 Blood Cocoon (Death Mimick) 7:36

No connection with Boris whatsoever.

Released through Deadline Recordings on Cdr in 2008.


Birchville Cat Motel & Opaque - Untitled

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

[UK | 2006 | Kovorox Sound]

You owe me +1 internet Marilyn.

1 Birchville Cat Motel - Let Comets Land Where They Will 20:06
2 Opaque - Their Voices Were Incoherent Smears 17:09

Meat Pie


Kylie Minoise / Orgasm Denial / Astro / Torturing Nurse - LCD TV Owner's Manual

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[China | 2009 | Shasha Records]

4 way split for celebrating NOIShanghai XXVIII(28/08/09, Shanghai, CN), Limited to 54 copies.

1 Kylie Minoise - Skinhead Ironing Party
2 Orgasm Denial - Untitled
3 Astro - Feedback Conspiracy
4 Torturing Nurse - No Discussions Here Please



Thurston Moore/Kylie Minoise/Tusco Terror/Wether

[Greece | 2009 | Insult Recordings]

After a LONG wait it's finally here! And it's brillo-pads! :D

01 Thurston Moore - Noise Virgin
02 Kylie Minoise - CCTV Laceration
03 Kylie Minoise - Free Twisted Filth
04 Tusco Terror - I
05 Tusco Terror - II
06 Tusco Terror - III
07 Wether - Spirithenge

Download (320)


Birds Of Delay - Yee Decorum

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

[US | 2005 | American Tapes]

1 Ghost Light 11:33
2 Tortiose Waltz 20:03
3 Magic Bardn 21:00



Climax Denial - Dedicated To Piper Fawn

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

A1 Dedicated To Piper Fawn Part 1 4:15
A2 Dedicated To Piper Fawn Part 2 5:04
B1 Dedicated To Piper Fawn Part 3 9:33


Pain Compilance Productions.


Timothy A.D.

1. Arrested Hope (7:28)
2. Failed to Impress (3:08)
3. Ripped to Shreds (10:54)
4. Accepting Defeat (3:11)
5. Rest (7:54)

Starting off with some very Stars of The Lid or "Imperial Horizon"-era KD, Arrested Hope lulls you into this record. It's subtle, and rather beautiful, and quite possibly my favourite track on the record. Failed to Impress is a percussive-led noise track that then leads you into the record's centrepiece, Ripped to Shreds, which is 11 minutes of abrasive, digital noise which benefits from a long time to grow and change. Briding the gap to the last track is Accepting Defeat, an electronic track that sounds like very restrained rage; high tones building as if it were that moment before explosion. The last and title track, Rest, is pure reverb ambience. Listen to it on headphones, as loud as they'll allow. This is a solid first effort here, with fantastic production values, a great sense of flow throughout the record, and rage, don't forget the rage. Recommended.



Grunt - Petturien Rooli

>> Saturday, November 7, 2009

[2009 / Finland / Freak Animal]

Fucking awesome new album from Grunt, a lot more atmospheric than the earlier work with even some rhythmic sections; incredibly well made, probably my favorite release in the genre this year!
Huge thanks to I.S. for this one!!!!!

1 Sota Ilman Pelisääntöjä 7:18
2 Raatteen Marssi 5:01
3 Kansanmurhan Kone 6:44
4 Vainoaja Lauma 6:18
5 Petturien Rooli 5:13
6 Piikkilangan Takana 15:34
7 Rotuhygienian Aikakausi 4:54
8 Pro Patria Et Lege 4:32
9 Valkoinen Voima 8:37



Boyd Rice And Friends - Baptism By Fire

>> Friday, November 6, 2009

[2004 / USA / NEROZ]

The tracks on the CD were recorded in Los Angeles, Calif., USA (2002), and Adelaide, Australia (2003).
The tracks on the DVD were recorded in Bologna, Italy (1999).

really nice live release, especially the dvd, great footage!

1 Total War
2 God And Beast
3 A Noi!
4 History Lesson
5 The Reign Song
6 World's Collide
7 Fire Shall Come
8 People

1 Alpha
2 Between Venus And Mars
3 Scorched Earth
4 Fire Shall Come
5 Everlasting Fire
6 Total War

CD: 320 / flac 1|2


Venetian Snare+Speed Ranch - Making Orange Things

Pretty ridiculous breakcore, noise, and power electronics album by Venetian Snares and Speed Ranch. The last track is an instrumental cover of Stairway to Heaven made entirely of a screaming sample. I think everyone will enjoy something here.
1.FIre Beats
2.We Hate Russell
3.Pay Me For Sex
5.Unborn Baby
6.Meta Abuse
7.Molly's Reach Around
8.Russell Hates This Track
9.Viva Las Vegas
10.Tushe Love
11.Halfway Up the Stairway of Mucus