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>> Friday, October 9, 2009

And lastly for tonight here's something special. Vargr (along some other ones) is a side project of Nordvargr. I'm sure most people who are a little more into ambient know how Nordvargr sounds. Well Vargr sounds nothing like that. :D First few Vargr releases were noisy black metal but this time around it is direct harsh noise which means it's perfect for our little blog. Henrik offered three of his releases to us so we can publish them, exclusively which made me very happy fufu. They are all out of print though so you can't buy them.

So how does this sound? Well basically the three releases work as a trilogy. They are all somewhat connected in terms of sound. Personally I like the third one the most and I think it's the loudest and the most crushing one. The sound can be best compared to as something like Incapacitants or MSBR but of course not an complete clone of their works. In any case be sure to check them all out if you like harsh noise.

They are:

Orsic descending

01. Vril-1 (19:15)
02. Haunebu-1 (15:32)
03. Nordland Power Ritual (9:37)
Ave Maria

01. Vril-2 Zerstörer (12:18)
02. Not all good comes from above (20:03)
03. Luminiferous aether (14:05)

01. Aufbruch nach Aldebaran (19:39)
02. Doppelsignet (19:16)
03. First transmission from A (8:27)
04. All is good at the arrival (4:25)

Get them all three on megaupload.

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