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>> Friday, October 9, 2009

Javihyev. or JVHV is a personal feedback project of Dylan LoTufo from USA (Tennessee more accurately). It's dedicated in bending and destroying sound with whatever equipment that is around. He sent us two of his releases.

Tennessee sounds kinda like - "tennis", tenisss, tennnnnnnnniiiiisssss O)))))... whoops I'm going a bit off topic.

we are those who burn the sky

First what I'd like to point out is that both recordings are lo-fi in nature which might be a turn off for some people and turn on for some other people. The album starts off with a guitar (I think) feedback and this particular feedback evolves and evolves through the track. It gets louder/softer at times and switches frequencies. That's the most objective description of the track I can give you. Other songs are in similar nature. It's sounds good at the beginning but kinda drags on and on which ruins the pleasure of listening a bit. Overall I liked the concept and the idea of the album but it kinda lacked in realization. If it were a bit shorter it would be also better, imho.


01. the death of the tesla children. (9:39)
02. the ethereal slaughter of the yagua. (11:51)
03. dance to save the unborn legions. (8:57)
04. deadly apache drawl (4:06)
05. traverse through the desert valley of sandstone hands (6:59)
06. the anthem of the surviving scalped. (17:27)
07. Live at Godeagle Roost (8:19)
08. forgotten clay idol heartbeat. (6:05)


Lambsin II

I liked this one better. If that means anything. :P This time around the sound is more guitar driven. Sounds are more complex in nature and the overall sound is more detailed (pretentious-o-meter is going to explode if I keep writing like this). There are riffs here which is something that we don't like here. Because we are into noise. But I'll let it slide because I'm a little drunk so what the hell. Anyway, it's still lo fi and with pretty much limited equipment so there's not much for experimentation but overall I think it sounds ok


01. a calmer man. (18:22)
02. as i fall. (20:34)


You can check Javihyev.-s blog here for more info and whatever that comes along with it.


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