Figure P20.17 - Now Is No Time For Making Enemies

>> Friday, October 9, 2009

Figure P20.17 is a harsh noise/ ambient project from USA made mostly out of vocal samples and a mixing board. How does it sound? Well I have some mixed feelings about it. The first track is actually pretty great. I like the idea and has this sort of industrial feel to it. The second track which is noise is so, so. It's digitaly made (or so I think?) so I didn't enjoy it as much as I did the first one. The last and the longest one is sadly the least interesting. It's a repeated looping and overlaying of a high pitched, 6 minute long drone piece I made, and having all the layers of slightly different pitched feedback on top of each other almost reminds me of tibetan singing bowls or crystal glasses. Minimalistic noise. Since I'm having some medical issues with my ears I didn't listen to the whole track because of that but from what managed to listen it's highly pitched noise for most of the time. More stuff like the first track would be great in the future. :P


01. Chthonic (4:26)
02. Sodom (2:26)
03. Salo (25:28)


You can check his label here for cassettes.


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