Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, NTRLWRM, Boar - 3 way split

>> Saturday, October 3, 2009

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Boar, and NTRLWRM are 3 Harsh Noise acts from across the United States, this is their first release together. All Harsh, no Ambient, no Drones, just Noise. BRR contributes 3 tracks of cut-ups of contact mic and distortion recordings plus a remix of an unreleased NTRLWRM track, NTRLWRM contributes one long Electronics + Drums jam, and Boar gives 7 short walls of pedal-based sounds. All material recorded between March-June 2009.

Some mighty fine harsh noise stuff here. Be sure to check it out.

01. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Build Me A New Retirement Home
02. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Borian Soundtrack
03. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - They Don't Know
04. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Some Artfaggy Title (Remix of NTRLWRM)
05. NTRLWRM - Gotrut
06. Boar - A Taxi Driver's Worst Nightmare
07. Boar - Lamb Wool
08. Boar - Sheep Skin
09. Boar - Saucer
10. Boar - Multed Milk Love
11. Boar - Stepping Stones
12. Boar - Inflating Implants

Sendspace fufu.

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan myspace.
NTRLWRM myspace.
Boar myspace.

Released on Hirnmetastase Records limited to 66 cdr copies. It's still available so get it if you like it enough! :3


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clarify the relevance of redsk?

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