Essue Dove - Hub City Optimists Club with Captain Carlin

>> Friday, September 25, 2009

Essue Dove is come from Canada. It sounds like "electronic ambient-but-not-quite-ambient music similar to stuff by Black Dice, Belong, Wet Hair, Astral Social Club and Fuck Buttons." The idea of this EP was to take a Phil Spector wall-of-sound pop production's soft buzz and try to apply that to decidedly non-pop song structures and styles. How does it sounds? Oh well it's ok, It's more on the musical side of things. It sounds soft for noise standards but it's relaxing so it's all good for me.


01. You Are Only Medium Like Me (6:32)
02. June Medic (featuring Surdr) (4:13)
03. Smokeout (3:05)
04. Brazil (3:33)
05. Ghosthouse Shy (12:52)
06. When Yr A Dove (Remix) (4:10)



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