Wholy Faliure - New Endtimes for Old Models

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

Wholy Failure was formed in 2009 by Salvinar as an escape from traditional music. To deconstruct rather than to construct. New Endtimes is best classified as being a Harsh Ambient Drone act that ventures into PE territory. Sine waves are overloaded.

Peculiar solo thing from US. It's a bit tricky to explain the sound. I guess you could say it sounds something like dark ambient with phasing and some distortion. :S In any case you can check his myspace for sounds here.


01. Cum of God (3:33)
02. %2224.6 (1:28)
03. deathprayer (6:13)
04. Return to White Lands (1:25)
05. New Endtimes for Old Models (14:34)


Released through First Church of the Left-Hand Path.


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