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>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Just posting all the WOSS I have that isn't on here already :)

Posession Ov Thee Matrix
[US | 1984 | Inner-X-Musick]

Debut 7" from this experimental outfit, it sells now for a fucking ton! :(.

A Possession Ov Thee Matrix
B Thee Eye Inside


Woman Iz Beast
[US | 1985 | Inner-X-Musick]

Although the title does not appear on the tape, "Woman Iz Beast" is given in Inner-X literature from the period.
Limited to 500 copies (C60).

A1 Iron Skirt Introduction (3:49)
A2 ORGASM! (3:56)
A3 Trying To Please The SS (4:39)
A4 Beware, IT Kums (9:06)
A5 Slither-You Must (0:46)
A6 In Due Time (4:03)
B1 Az Kiss A Woman (4:04)
B2 Measured In Secret (4:31)
B3 Legs So Soft (1:20)
B4 Shown Desire (3:31)
B5 Punctured (2:27)
B6 Will You Watch Me? (8:20)
B7 Masterbation Waltz (3:08)


The Call To All Women...
[US | 1986 | Inner-X-Musick]

A1 Feelings Ov Purity
A2 Irma Grese
A3 Irma Grese Pt. 2
A4 Cold Gray Wave
B1 The Call To Women & Girls Ov All Ages
B2 Sister Call


Ov Pure Blood
[US | 1988 | Inner-X-Musick]

A1 She Said, She Said (8:10)
A2 Eucaine (3:19)
A3 Eva Braun Waz Here (8:16)
B1 Klara (9:04)
B2 An Aryan Race (1:03)
B3 Ov Pure Blood (12:25)


Women Of The SS (1991 Box Set Edition)
[US | 1991 | RRRecords]

Released under license from Inner-X. Edition of 60–100 copies in PVC sleeves fixed together.

A1 Andaziwaz
A2 Baited By A Black Slip
A3 New German Songs
A4 Piss Sophie Piss!
A5 What A Proper Young Lady …
A6 Verboten Voice
A7 Brainwash
B1 Oh What Fun We Shall Have
B2 Leather Thighs
B3 Sexbite
B4 Unless She Kums
B5 SS Girls
B6 Quaaludes & Cognac


John Zewizz Presents His Infamous...
[US | 1999 | RRRecords]

1 SS Pet (2:35)
2 Piss Sophie Piss (2:12)
3 And Az I Waz (4:02)
4 Iron Skirt (3:54)
5 Trying To Please The SS (4:19)
6 Room Ov Secrets (4:19)
7 I Am, Woman Ov The SS (3:00)
8 Feeling Ov Purity (5:20)
9 Tied To The Wall (3:47)
10 Baited By A Black Slip (4:25)
11 What A Proper Young Lady (2:54)
12 Brainwash (2:34)
13 Leather Thighs (1:43)
14 Unless She Can Kum (3:54)
15 Spoken Tongue (2:05)



Fuck, The Retarded Girl August 21, 2009 at 9:07 PM  

SS Orgy / SS Bitch
Private Edition

Unknown August 22, 2009 at 2:10 AM  

Can be problem, if i publish all of this albums?

derhet August 22, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

Thanks for shareing these. I only have 2 cassettes from woss.

Unknown August 23, 2009 at 6:18 AM  

Women Of The SS: Rigor Romance:


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