The Changeless Round - The Unspeakable #7

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

The Changeless Round albums are usually epic, though the content varies from Kevin Drummesque noise drones, to drill n bass influenced collage, to vocal distortion studies, to music concrete morphing a la Francisco Lopez. All the albums are labeled The Unspeakable #(n), & for that reason seem to be in the minimal category. However, the content seems to be distant from this.

The Changeless Round have been making dense, monolithic audio structures for an ambiguously long time. But from what I can tell they are coming from an area of electronic music which values its own seclusion & lack of cohesive identity (perhaps like BOC was for a while, though in this case its BOC on steroidal heroin). They resist their own biography intentionally.

Recently I'm starting to receive some really great music. The Changeless Round is certainly among the many. It's like a collection of sounds all blending into one great mass of drone and ambient work. Definitely check this one out!


01. The Unspeakable #7 (1:35:32)

Part 1

Part 2

You can check out the rest of the releases on MoSo label!


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