Atomized - Live At Mach Nausea 2009 (bootleg)

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

[UK | 2009 | Bootleg]

Atomized is the what occurs when you combine the tribal percussion and bellows of Russell McEwan (Black Sun) and the electronic-vocal attack of Lea Cummings (Kylie Minoise) as they reinterpret some well known pop songs from the 80s, or as they describe - "Raped versions of pop classics by Madonna, Visage, Howard Jones, Haircut 100, & Culture Club." As you can imagine, the songs sound nothing like the original chart toppers, dwelling in a nocturnal grey area between Mummy and Daddy era-Whitehouse (especially on their Madonna and Visage cover) and Swans at their minimal best.
Equal parts industrial, noise and no-wave – it’s a heavy and merciless release from these two, the audio equivalent to Boy George’s night terrors in the clink.

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Blasted August 22, 2009 at 8:51 AM  

Do you have Hits of the 80's? Would be mucho appreciated. Thanks

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