Vegas Martyrs - The Female Mind

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

And last but not least their full length LP from 2007. This time Dominick had a helping hand with some other members so there's drums here and other, instruments, that are usual for normal bands. Personally I think this is far more superior from their last two releases. Almost like they extracted all the good parts from last two and blended it into this one. Definitely check this one out.

Line up:

Electronics - Richard Dunn
Guitar - Dominick Fernow
Percussion - Joe Potts
Vocals - Richard Dunn


01. Memantine (3:27)
02. Banalg (2:35)
03. Escitalopram (7:02)
04. Levothroid (3:50)
05. Dinoprotone (7:05)
06. Acamprosate (6:45)


Released via Troubleman Unlimited in 2007 on vinyl.


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