Rob Ashtoffen - Noise Atos

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Noise Atos is a project of noise music. In this EP, recorded in the 2008's xmas evening, I talk, in the form of music, about the body and its noises. Blows, Heart pumping, fluids, flesh and blood. That's what we are in our fisiology. That's what, in 6 acts, I try to tranform in noise.

Brazilian weirdness. Or so I call it. Bunch of various sounds and they all blend well (In some songs, some are a bit annoying). It's not standard pedal driven noise but from various instruments and cacophony.


01. Meu corpo ainda quente
02. Anapu
03. Lluva Llama
04. Corpro
05. Arritmia dos meus sopros
06. Boiled the remaining blood


You can also check out two of his videos here and here.

Edit: whoa the cover changed colors when I posted it. @_@


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