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>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grundale Records is a label from midwest America. They release underground noise, drone, punk, ska and metal and so far they have around 30 releases. The label is run by a guy from Nyodene D which we featured some time ago here. They offered us three releases.

Nyodene D - Live Actions

This is the tenth Nyodene D release in total. It contains nearly an hour of live power electronics soundboard recordings taken from various shows in Athens, Ohio. Expect blasts of searing feedback, mangled synth loops, walls of distortion and ravaged vocals. Thank you for all who have supported this project and who will encounter it in the future.
As the title says it's all live shows. Lots of feedback and cacophonoy. Sometimes it can get a bit annoying with all the feedback but it's all good stuff.


01. The (Bruce) Manor 5/6/09 (11:28)
02. The Crystal Castle 5/15/09 (7:57)
03. The Crystal Castle 2/13/09 (17:57)
04. Brown Town 1/9/09 (16:06)
05. --- (0:13)

Nyodene D - Industrial Decay

A new album of bleak power electronics utilizing vocals, samples, feedback and synths. Industrial Decay is an album that focuses on the decay of industry and quality of life in Rust Belt towns, specifically centered on Cleveland. Themes deal with industrial collapse, government inaction, mental illness, depression and drug abuse. Collage by Aaron Vilk and photographs used for it taken by the lovely Ms. Christine Davis.

Similar to live shows but less feedback, more progression in sound and more structure. I prefer this more.


01. Cycle of Addiction
02. Sweet Heroin
03. Industrial Decay
04. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
05. Creep
06. LTV
07. Rope Along Pipes
08. Want
09. Good Time


Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger - What's Left

Disgusting, gut-wrenching harsh noise from James Haras, a.k.a. Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger from Rockford, Il. This album is a miserable blend of searing feedback and stomach churning walls of sound from a young noisician who runs the small cassette label Fusty Cunt Records. Reccommended if you like Pedestrian Deposit, The Rita, Sewer Election.

Three long tracks of noise fuckery in the head. There's also some screaming here and there but it's mostly harsh noise. I think my ears will fall off if I countinue life like this. :D


01. Bellicose Demeanor
02. Avarice
03. Impecunious



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