Deterior - Music for Nucleonics & Automata

>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deterior is a one-man sludge metal/post-rock/noise band formed around 2004 by Andrew Arnold in North Canton, Ohio (now in Columbus, Ohio). As far as I understand his main area is post-metal but he sent us two of his more noisy tapes.

Music for Nucleonics

This one sounds pretty much how it looks. Slow, simplistic and atmospheric.


01. Decay I (6:34)
02. Sferic (7:14)
03. Decay II (10:19)


Music for Automata

Ah, this one is much more fun! Much more texture and imagination. Starts more ambient oriented but later on drifts more and more into noise. Kinda cool progression. I suggest you start with this one first.


01. Three Bodies Cause Chaos (3:47)
02. Automata (3:03)
03. Genetic Drift (7:39)
04. Strange Attractor (3:26)
05. Paradise Filter (3:52)
06. Fresh and Tired Mountains (6:06)


You can check his blog here for more of his releases and info or Myspace here.

His label GarageMonkey Productions here.


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