Ascites - Incisional Drainage cdr + c-6

>> Monday, July 27, 2009

Ascites is a four piece noise band from USA. They also collaborate often with other people so they tend to have more than four people in it. How does it sound? Well they tend to drift from one sound to another so it's a bit harder to pinpoint their exact genre. But who cares about genres anyway? :P

Our long time friend and contributor from the old days Txnoiz is one member of this collective and he sent us their first full length DIY release. It contains a tape and a cdr neatly packed in a specimen bag (which is totally cool!). The tape part of the album is harsher and overall more noisy compared to the cdr. It packs just two short tracks which I think is a shame (you could squeeze more tracks in there dammit :D). The CDr unlike the tape is more experimental in its essence. It starts more relaxed and drony but as tracks go on it drifts more into the noise department. The last track on the album is a live recording and it sounds (at least to me) something like what C.C.C.C. do. All in all this is some really good stuff and should not be overlooked! >:|

1. Pukebath (8:00)
2. Forced Entry (5:00)
3. Abdominal Distension (10:00)
4. Soft Adult Contemporary (6:00)
5. Live at Bike House Dallas, TX 4-24-09 (16:50)

A. Cirrhotic (3:00)
B. Malignant (3:00)

Download (megaupload).


Anonymous,  August 7, 2009 at 5:44 PM  

wow wow wow!
Is this release still avaiable somewhere?
Looks beautiful!

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