Maja S. K. Ratkje & Lasse Marhaug - Music For Faking

>> Saturday, June 27, 2009

The cover of Music For Faking pictures two grinning faces, illustrating the playful atmosphere of the collaboration between Ratkje and Marhaug. Although both accomplished and respected musicians, they refuse to take themselves, or their art, seriously, preferring instead to continuously challenge each other into more staggering assemblages. Collecting interferences, field recordings, processed noises, samples, and other sound sources and amalgamating them all, Ratkje and Marhaug confront traditional perceptions of music, firmly placing their work out of context and focussing on the essence of improvised music. This results in both albums being incredibly organic, with sonic textures, ranging from silky analogue waves and highly polished digitalised noises to abrasive distortions, treated vocals – including screams – and radio interferences, continuously provoking cutaneous reactions.

1 Nihilist Ace Blues For Time Travel (7:46)
2 Pop Up In Strange Beds With A Smile (8:08)
3 As Real As It Gets: A Psalm For Ultra-Woman (6:27)
4 How Much Noise Can We Make? (Let's Find Out) (5:04)
5 The Sad Clown Called The Law (4:20)
6 Announcement To All The Graceful Sailors (1:40)
7 Music For Faking (12:32)




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