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>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Dielectric records is a label focused on ambient, noise and experimental electronic music. They have been around for some time now (since 2004) and they collected a nice range of interesting music. They offered us two of their releases.

Die Elektrischen - Pitch Black

Lovely cover. :3

Die Elektrischen is an Oakland-California-based artist working with the sounds and impressions of gritty urban life. Murky and distorted ambient sounds organized into song shapes. Comprised of field recordings, live instruments and processed vocals. Guest vocals and keyboards by wrest of Leviathan.

I'm surprised that this only came out as a net release. This is actually quite good ambient. D: The only track I didn't like was the third track. Too simplistic and plain for my taste. Except that everything else on this album rocks, especially the first track.


1. Trane (15:26)
2. Sky Burial (11:12)
3. Leviathalidomide (9:15)
4. Psychedelicacy (8:33)
5. Jeremy Benthams Corpse (7:55)

Download with megaupload.

Lowe Opta - 1

Cardiff, wales residents Lowe Opta use homemade electronics and field recordings to make noisy and unsettling drones. An exploration of the tension between completely organic sounds and manufactured sounds.

It sounds like cats swirling in the endless pit of cosmos. Or something awesome like that. :D


I (6:00)
II (7:05)
III (2:39)
IV (3:42)


You can download rest of their releases from here!


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