Strawberry Milkshake Inc. - Carne Blanca

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Love child of Popster (Pissdeads) and Echoes. Founded in oct.'08. Producing sex, violence and power electronics.

so the artist claims. I don't see much power electronics in this but oh well I guess you could call it like that. Somewhat melodic noise, lots of constructed sound fragments (if that makes any sense at all to you :D).

01. Obliteration Machine
02. Stay Tuned (We're Gonna Fuck You Later)
03. See The Light
04. Eternity
05. Orgasmic Vomit
06. Hearts Of Hyenas
07. No Way Out
08. Give Me Back My Toys
09. Letters (Zodiac)
10. Blast Of Lust
11. Joy And Love
12. Letters (Zodiac) (shitbitch rmx)
13. We Watch You Dying

Download from here.


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