John Wiese - Bubble Pulse

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recorded solo on Christmas in 2002, Bubble Pulse takes the static glitch cliché of contemporary micro-electronics and runs it through the blender of Weise's cut & paste aesthetic, creating an album that ranges from tiny crystalline bubbles to dense mutilated drones with an even-keeled intensity. The sounds of Bubble Pulse come as small as the imagined fluttering of ghost wings to surgically amputated blast beats, but, when Weise is done with his source material, it's hard to concentrate any one bit as the sound collage moves at lightning speed, with only occasional segments in which the tracks slow enough to let a segment breathe. A steely distance is felt throughout Bubble Pulse, a feeling of alien calm in even its most tumultuous moments. It's in this way that Weise's music seems tied to the click 'n' cut sound of more accepted electronic artists, and the same feeling distances Weise from the often harsh and punishing music of many of the noise artists that he collaborates and performs with.


1 Untitled (6:02)
2 Untitled (0:31)
3 Untitled (6:39)
4 Untitled (3:11)
5 Untitled (1:23)
6 Untitled (2:21)
7 Untitled (0:31)
8 Untitled (0:16)
9 Untitled (1:51)
10 Untitled (7:04)



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