>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Emeralds is John Elliott (synth), Steve Hauschildt(synth) and Mark McGuire (guitar). They are currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. Their music is of an improvisational nature and is synthesizer and guitar-centric, however vocals, electronics and field recordings are often utilized to create dynamic textures amidst melodious backdrops and minimal structures. Though their sound cannot be pinned down to one specific genre, it recalls the organic/electronic explorations of Tangerine Dream, Ashra, Coil, Terry Riley and Popol Vuh to name but a few. Emeralds are at the forefront of a new musical style emerging which fully embraces true electronic music and its unbridled vocabulary, while simultaneously bringing a new flavor to its long-established foundation.

Some albums have more versions and I have no idea which are the versions I uploaded. All I know is that this sounds really good. :D

Here's a few of their releases:

Forest Fires (Hanson Records)
Ledges (Gneiss Things)
Planetarium (Tapeworm Tapes)
Solar Bridge (Hanson Records)


Anonymous,  May 16, 2009 at 12:26 AM  

Emeralds = Bliss

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