Diamanda Galás - Schrei X

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

[USA / 1996 / Mute Records]

'SCHREI X LIVE/SCHREI 27' is the extraordinary an album from the acclaimed diva of the dispossessed, singer and composer Diamanda Galás, to be released by Mute on September 23 1996. Based on her original 1994 radio work 'Schrei 27', and developed into a full length work in the Spring of 1995, 'SCHREI X' alternates extreme high-energy vocal work with absolute silence. Using texts by Galás, Job (excerpts from xvii, xl and xli) and Thomas Aquinas, the performances are chapters of a confession which might have been induced through a chemical or mechanical manipulation of the brain, providing Ms. Gal�s with her most extreme and confrontational approach to subjects which are both profound and terrible - imprisonment, both mental and actual, torture and the devastating effects of the AIDS plague - since her 'Plague Mass' trilogy of 1986-88. Stark, intense and cathartic, 'SCHREI X' was originally performed in total darkness and employs the atypical speech and vocal signal processing that Ms. Galas has been researching since 1979 to devastating effect. This is a work of profound honesty and uncompromising vision from an artist who has never swerved from her convictions; of turning rage and grief into works of severe beauty and steadfastly sticking to her personal idiom that, "The Mike Tyson of the voice does not waste time talking about bullshit."

this album is fucking scary...

01 Do Room (1:11)
02 I - I Am - Dreams (5:01)
03 M Dis I (1:13)
04 O.P.M. (1:25)
05 Abasement (3:11)
06 Headbox (2:16)
07 Cunt (0:49)
08 Hepar (0:55)
09 Coitum (1:14)
10 Vein (3:56)
11 M Dis II (0:56)
12 Smell (2:19)
13 Hee Shock Die (1:59)
14 Do Room (2:17)
15 I I (1:59)
16 M Dis I (1:36)
17 O.P.M. (1:48)
18 Headbox (1:56)
19 Cunt (1:43)
20 Hepar (1:41)
21 Vein (1:54)
22 M Dis II (2:01)
23 Smell (2:17)
24 Hee Shock Die (7:26)



cjejons May 13, 2009 at 10:29 AM  

She's always been hit and miss with me, but I have to try this based on your description--thanks!

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