Čisti sajns fikšn (cleaning science fiction) Compilation

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

Čisti sajns fikšn! (cleaning science fiction), an appreciation and melange of fine sounds.

Dear friends of the cacophonous, electronic and chaotic. We are finally proud to present you the fruits of our mutual effort in creating what is the best sound. Aimed at no one else but ourselves we are even more proud to say that, for this endeavor, none of us needed a significant financial expenditure, and that we can share all of it without hesitation and just a little bit of downloaded bandwith. Yet we could say that we are most thankful to all people who worked on this collection and made it what it is. Thanks to all of you who made it happen, to all the others who will or might listen to it and to everyone else supporting us. All of the before mentioned are the reason why we hereby give birth to our net label "manteen" should you want to release music for us, under no license what so ever and no fees intended for the enduser, do not hesitate to contact us.

Objectively speaking this compilation packs all sorts of things so it's kinda difficult to put it into one category. The common bond between all bands/project is that they are rather noisy. It's not that big so you should give this a whirl if you are looking for new bands to check out!

I'll just write the participants:

01. King of Coma
02. Yugamihakase
03. Lezet
04. Heloise Girls Virus
05. Aigo Aiki
06. The Adjective Noun
07. The Allessa
08. Herr Schmitd Hat Krach
09. Blood Moon
11. Beetlegeuse Beetlegeuse Beetlegeuse
12. Omar Lavalle
13. Gyakusetsu
14. Soma
15. F E E T
16. Taklamakan
17. Fake Plastic Heads
18. Jah Excretion
19. The Dissonance Process
20. Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo
21. Bring Me the Head of Orion
22. Vulgar Disease
23. Trío Antimanierista & Ernesto Colsa
24. The Hyakutataki
25. Spit It Out
26. To Live and Shave in L.A.
27. Kotodama
28. God Generator
29. Horse Gives Birth To Fly
30. The Crrrrr!!!
31. Ogromno Utegnute

Download via archives or megaupload.

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