Macronympha / Government Alpha - Obliteration

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some really good harsh noise. The sound is a bit lo-fi but it dosen't ruin the expirience.


01. Macronympha Fifty Years Ahead Is Fifty Years Behind (8:01)
02. Government Alpha The 13th Floor (9:32)
03. Macronympha Transform Correlation Technique (7:12)
04. Government Alpha Mock Trial (Moderate Torture) (3:26)
05. Macronympha Shatterbrained (6:16)
06. Government Alpha Reduced To Ashes (9:13)
07. Macronympha Brute Force (4:23)
08. Government Alpha Chloroform (Cerebral Haemorrhage Mix) (7:30)
09. Macronympha Ride The Screeching Beast (To Know Death... Be Death) (7:22)
10. Government Alpha Missile To Hell (5:51)



John Wiese - Bubble Pulse

Recorded solo on Christmas in 2002, Bubble Pulse takes the static glitch cliché of contemporary micro-electronics and runs it through the blender of Weise's cut & paste aesthetic, creating an album that ranges from tiny crystalline bubbles to dense mutilated drones with an even-keeled intensity. The sounds of Bubble Pulse come as small as the imagined fluttering of ghost wings to surgically amputated blast beats, but, when Weise is done with his source material, it's hard to concentrate any one bit as the sound collage moves at lightning speed, with only occasional segments in which the tracks slow enough to let a segment breathe. A steely distance is felt throughout Bubble Pulse, a feeling of alien calm in even its most tumultuous moments. It's in this way that Weise's music seems tied to the click 'n' cut sound of more accepted electronic artists, and the same feeling distances Weise from the often harsh and punishing music of many of the noise artists that he collaborates and performs with.


1 Untitled (6:02)
2 Untitled (0:31)
3 Untitled (6:39)
4 Untitled (3:11)
5 Untitled (1:23)
6 Untitled (2:21)
7 Untitled (0:31)
8 Untitled (0:16)
9 Untitled (1:51)
10 Untitled (7:04)



Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion

>> Monday, May 18, 2009

[USA / 2008 / Hospital Productions]

"What does a person do when faced with a work like Imperial Distortion? ...Your best bet is to surrender."

the whole label description is way too long, and this about sums it up. Minimalism gone to new heights... incredible!

1-1 Guillain-Barre (17:23)
1-2 More Blood And Guts (19:57)
1-3 Snow (16:03)
2-1 Snow (18:44)
2-2 Romantic Sores (18:32)
2-3 We All Get It In The End (13:25)

part1 / part2



Hijokaidan - The Neverending Story Of The King Of Noise

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big compilation of Hijokaidan stuff, you gotta have it.

1.01 Angel Dust
1.02 Circles
1.03 Live At Eggplant 841118
1.04 Tod Dem Marxismus
1.05 Self-Mutilation
1.06 HK With John Duncan
2.01 Salem's Lot
2.02 Before The Heat
2.03 No Harm
3.01 We've Gone Upstream
3.02 Noisedelicatessen
4.01 Basic Policy
4.02 Kept Waiting So Long - Live At Antiknock 920613



Southern Illinois Noise Summit

This is a series of live recordings made at the Southern Illinois 2009 Noise Summit, held during WDBX-FM's "It's Too Damn Early" radio broadcast. Cloud Cuckoo Band opens with improvisational electroacoustic noise, followed by DaveX's harsh solo set. A noise ensemble of Glass Pyramid, Gorilla Heritage, Andrew Crook, Cosmic Twilight Pimps, and Alex Ryterski follows-- this is 8 total performers, using a huge variety of instrumentation. Very wild stuff. Two solo sets from Karthik Kakarala follow; using processed vocals, guitar, percussion, and small objects. The 8-member ensemble re-organizes for the next track, a more focused improvisational set with synth, multiple guitars, vast amounts of effects, and percussion. DaveX and Karthik Kakarala close with a duo, harsh noise and abused guitar. A short introduction from DaveX opens each disc.

This summit was recorded on a 2 cdr set which I received via email. The sender provided us with FLAC format but I also uploaded it on mp3 in case you want to download smaller sized version. I'm not going to write wall of text but in short there are some very good sounds on these cds so I suggest you check this one out.


1-0 Introduction
1-1 The Cloud Cuckoo Band
1-2 DaveX
1-3 Glass Pyramid, Gorilla Heritage, Andrew Crook, Cosmic Twilight
Pimps, Alex Ryterski
1-4 Karthik Kakarala

2-0 Introduction
2-1 Karthik Kakarala pt.2
2-2 Glass Gorillas on Safari w/ Andrew Crook
2-3 DaveX, Karthik Kakarala



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



Part 1
Part 2

Bands that participated:

The Cloud Cuckoo Band
Gorilla Heritage
Cosmic Twilight Pimps
Glass Pyramid
Karthik Kakarala

You can also check out the Startling Monkier blog here.

Finally you can aslo watch a short (noisy) documentary they made over here.


Čisti sajns fikšn (cleaning science fiction) Compilation

Čisti sajns fikšn! (cleaning science fiction), an appreciation and melange of fine sounds.

Dear friends of the cacophonous, electronic and chaotic. We are finally proud to present you the fruits of our mutual effort in creating what is the best sound. Aimed at no one else but ourselves we are even more proud to say that, for this endeavor, none of us needed a significant financial expenditure, and that we can share all of it without hesitation and just a little bit of downloaded bandwith. Yet we could say that we are most thankful to all people who worked on this collection and made it what it is. Thanks to all of you who made it happen, to all the others who will or might listen to it and to everyone else supporting us. All of the before mentioned are the reason why we hereby give birth to our net label "manteen" should you want to release music for us, under no license what so ever and no fees intended for the enduser, do not hesitate to contact us.

Objectively speaking this compilation packs all sorts of things so it's kinda difficult to put it into one category. The common bond between all bands/project is that they are rather noisy. It's not that big so you should give this a whirl if you are looking for new bands to check out!

I'll just write the participants:

01. King of Coma
02. Yugamihakase
03. Lezet
04. Heloise Girls Virus
05. Aigo Aiki
06. The Adjective Noun
07. The Allessa
08. Herr Schmitd Hat Krach
09. Blood Moon
11. Beetlegeuse Beetlegeuse Beetlegeuse
12. Omar Lavalle
13. Gyakusetsu
14. Soma
15. F E E T
16. Taklamakan
17. Fake Plastic Heads
18. Jah Excretion
19. The Dissonance Process
20. Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo
21. Bring Me the Head of Orion
22. Vulgar Disease
23. Trío Antimanierista & Ernesto Colsa
24. The Hyakutataki
25. Spit It Out
26. To Live and Shave in L.A.
27. Kotodama
28. God Generator
29. Horse Gives Birth To Fly
30. The Crrrrr!!!
31. Ogromno Utegnute

Download via archives or megaupload.


Aube / MSBR / Koji Marutani - 3 Cadavres Exquis

Oh my.


01. Koji Marutani Scenes 6 (11:04)
02. Aube Meltangle (11:14)
03. MSBR Electrospontaneous Psychokinesis (11:21)
04. Koji Marutani Multihead / February Mix (9:07)
05. MSBR Monophonic Scratch Biosphere Reincarnation (12:00)
06. Aube Silent Running II (10:53)


Released via E(r)ostrate!


T.E.F. - Corrugation

Very fun harsh noise. Everything I expect from harsh noise pedaling is on this cd. Limited to 100 copies.


01. Scind (6:14)
02. Nnul (4:10)
03. Urnd (2:59)
04. Broegt (4:08)
05. Perdse (4:37)
06. Ngate (5:03)


Or download with rapidshare.

Released via Pitchphase!


The Rita/Body Collector split

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Some wall noise for hipster pleasure (hurrr). Didn't find the album cover.

Edition of 100 handnumbered copies in standard jewel case with additional insert containing linear notes by John Olson.


A The Rita Ringlets (Rita Cavallini) (22:14)
B Body Collector Asphyxiator / Asphyxiated (Pure Want) (21:32)

It should work now. :<


Nihil Obstat - Empire

"Empire" is a gloomy piece of work. Waves of fuzzy drones, creepy noise walls, and industrial shadows. A walk through the rainy streets of Nightmare City.

Or something along those lines. Latest work from our friend NIhil Obstat. Quite good ambiance. If you checked out his stuff before you know then what to expect. If not, well this is a good place to start.

01 Imperium
02 Hell
03 Wrath Of Devastation
04 Ulimate Sacrifice
05 The Crisis Is Still With Us
06 Decree
07 Nerve Center
08 An Official Announcement
09 Reception
10 Solemn Wov

Download from Twilight Luggage!


Caldera Lakes - Can't See The Forest For The Trees AND Silent Something

Caldera Lakes is Brittany and Eva.

Eva creates noise sounds from homemade mechanical devices and plays acoustic harp. Brittany sings and does electronic processing.

Eva also performs solo as Kevin Shields and in the band Gang Wizard (on Load/Ecstatic Peace).

Brittany performs solo as Married In Berdichev and has collaborated live with Jandek.

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

A1 Can't See The Forest For The Trees (9:43)
A2 Toshiba #2 (8:32)
B1 Awkward Moments (6:38)
B2 Fireworks Shooting Range (7:40)
B3 Toshiba (3:39)

Released via Blackest Rainbow!

Silent Something

A Silent Something (9:17)
B Shotgun (9:36)

Released via Deathbomb Arc.

Download both, yarrr.



Emeralds is John Elliott (synth), Steve Hauschildt(synth) and Mark McGuire (guitar). They are currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. Their music is of an improvisational nature and is synthesizer and guitar-centric, however vocals, electronics and field recordings are often utilized to create dynamic textures amidst melodious backdrops and minimal structures. Though their sound cannot be pinned down to one specific genre, it recalls the organic/electronic explorations of Tangerine Dream, Ashra, Coil, Terry Riley and Popol Vuh to name but a few. Emeralds are at the forefront of a new musical style emerging which fully embraces true electronic music and its unbridled vocabulary, while simultaneously bringing a new flavor to its long-established foundation.

Some albums have more versions and I have no idea which are the versions I uploaded. All I know is that this sounds really good. :D

Here's a few of their releases:

Forest Fires (Hanson Records)
Ledges (Gneiss Things)
Planetarium (Tapeworm Tapes)
Solar Bridge (Hanson Records)


Impregnable / Pedestrian Deposit - Forlorn (Endless Longing)

Short but good harsh noise split.

A Impregnable Veils (9:10)
B Pedestrian Deposit Absent (9:44)

Link removed by request.

Released via Monorail Trespassing!


Whitehouse Interview on Fresh Air (02-06-2005)

I stumbled on this by accident. This is a recording of a radio interview from 2005. It was on a Scottish radio called Fresh Air prior to some gig they did somewhere in Scotland. It's William Bennet answering the questions and it lasts around 15 minutes.

He talks about beginnings of Whitehouse, how they developed their sound and some other stuff like that. It lasts about 15 minutes.



KHEL / Bleak Emptiness - Tripping Among Contrasts Split

A net split from two dark ambient projects. Khel is from Belgium and Bleak Emptiness is from India. It's kinda interesting to hear dark ambient from India since I don't know a lot of ambient projects from there.

Khel is more eerie and slower while BE provides more noisy ambient and less constructive in terms of sound. Sometimes it feels just like pitch change between one sound. But overall it's an enjoyable experience from both sides.


1. Khel - Khel-Pehrnatt (30:01)
2. Bleak Emptiness - EtheReal Void:Face I (25:05)


Khel myspace.
Bleak Emptiness myspace.


Aube - Tract tactus

Another 7'' from Aube. This was supposed to be released on an 7'' vinyl but it never did got out so it was just featured in the "Vinyls 1996 + 1998" compilation (if someone has that plx share).

Made out of lung sounds ho ho.

I don't have a cover so a dramatic screenshot should suffice.

01. Tract (6:08)
02. Tactus (6:05)



Masonna - John Peel Sessions Live

So uhh, someone requested this a long time ago but I forgot about it until yesterday when I saw that I uploaded this some months ago haha.

01. Masonna Plays God Save The Queen Psychedelic Batchelor Pad Mix (8:06)
02. Astro + Diesel Guitar + Masonna - Electro Synthesis With Astral Spirits (5:55)

I only have one song from this release. :<


Reflect - Dire Straits

Promising new ambient project. The author decided to send his first release to us so we can give him a little bit of push. Objectively speaking this is nothing groundbreaking nor original in the ambient sphere of happenings but it shows potential.


1. Incomplete
2. Danger
3. A Solitary Disturbance
4. Unawareness
5. The Departure
6. Thoughts In Circuits
7. Exit


Visit myspace here!


Strawberry Milkshake Inc. - Carne Blanca

Love child of Popster (Pissdeads) and Echoes. Founded in oct.'08. Producing sex, violence and power electronics.

so the artist claims. I don't see much power electronics in this but oh well I guess you could call it like that. Somewhat melodic noise, lots of constructed sound fragments (if that makes any sense at all to you :D).

01. Obliteration Machine
02. Stay Tuned (We're Gonna Fuck You Later)
03. See The Light
04. Eternity
05. Orgasmic Vomit
06. Hearts Of Hyenas
07. No Way Out
08. Give Me Back My Toys
09. Letters (Zodiac)
10. Blast Of Lust
11. Joy And Love
12. Letters (Zodiac) (shitbitch rmx)
13. We Watch You Dying

Download from here.


Knunn - Sirena

Lovable noise/ambient from Italy. More oriented on atmosphere but there are a few harsh tracks.


A1 Kerygma I (1:51)
A2 Nare (7:55)
A3 Ocean Towers (3:30)
A4 Kerygma II (1:28)
B1 Laughter And Forgetting (Prelude Hymn) (2:21)
B2 Kerygma III (1:40)
B3 ψ - Last Days Of Nostalghia (3:40)
B4 Isonade (7:09)


Released via Nil By Mouth Nil By Mouth Recordings!


Aube - Vibrate-Flasher / The Silent Light

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cute little 7'' from 1995. Limited to 90 numbered copies plus 10 numbered copies with crushed light bulb on front cover; 7" yellow vinyl. He only used a glow lamp as material for this particular release.


A Vibrate-Flasher (6:51)
B The Silent Light (6:42)


Released via Syntactic!


Werewolf Jerusalem - Masked Spider Of The First

Werewolf Jerusalem is a side project of Richard Ramirez that is solely based on dense static noise textures. Or so would the description go. Basically it's not much different from his main works (just less harsh I guess) so I don't really see why it should be released under a different name. Oh well, I guess it's up to you to decide.

01. Stalked (6:31)
02. Bound (4:24)
03. Plea (5:06)
04. Slit (2:37)
05. Left (1:34)
06. Next (12:50)


Released via Troniks!


Diamanda Galás - Schrei X

[USA / 1996 / Mute Records]

'SCHREI X LIVE/SCHREI 27' is the extraordinary an album from the acclaimed diva of the dispossessed, singer and composer Diamanda Galás, to be released by Mute on September 23 1996. Based on her original 1994 radio work 'Schrei 27', and developed into a full length work in the Spring of 1995, 'SCHREI X' alternates extreme high-energy vocal work with absolute silence. Using texts by Galás, Job (excerpts from xvii, xl and xli) and Thomas Aquinas, the performances are chapters of a confession which might have been induced through a chemical or mechanical manipulation of the brain, providing Ms. Gal�s with her most extreme and confrontational approach to subjects which are both profound and terrible - imprisonment, both mental and actual, torture and the devastating effects of the AIDS plague - since her 'Plague Mass' trilogy of 1986-88. Stark, intense and cathartic, 'SCHREI X' was originally performed in total darkness and employs the atypical speech and vocal signal processing that Ms. Galas has been researching since 1979 to devastating effect. This is a work of profound honesty and uncompromising vision from an artist who has never swerved from her convictions; of turning rage and grief into works of severe beauty and steadfastly sticking to her personal idiom that, "The Mike Tyson of the voice does not waste time talking about bullshit."

this album is fucking scary...

01 Do Room (1:11)
02 I - I Am - Dreams (5:01)
03 M Dis I (1:13)
04 O.P.M. (1:25)
05 Abasement (3:11)
06 Headbox (2:16)
07 Cunt (0:49)
08 Hepar (0:55)
09 Coitum (1:14)
10 Vein (3:56)
11 M Dis II (0:56)
12 Smell (2:19)
13 Hee Shock Die (1:59)
14 Do Room (2:17)
15 I I (1:59)
16 M Dis I (1:36)
17 O.P.M. (1:48)
18 Headbox (1:56)
19 Cunt (1:43)
20 Hepar (1:41)
21 Vein (1:54)
22 M Dis II (2:01)
23 Smell (2:17)
24 Hee Shock Die (7:26)



Noise Dreams Machina - in / out

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

[Spain / 2008 / Drone Records / lim.300]

"NOISE DREAMS MACHINA is the project of Spanish artist OSCAR MARTIN. Now living & studying in Berlin & Barcelona, he is currently exploring the possibilities of homemade software with free tools for sound deconstrucion and realtime performance.
IN & OUT is his first vinyl release and uses a wide range of environmental recordings which are processed digitally in more "electro-acoustic" ways. This leads to a balance between "Drone" and "Electro-Acoustic" where the acoustic potential of conventional reality is enlarged via digital processing. In his own words: "It brings attention to the peripheral zones of the sound phenomenon". Through intense mutation & deconstruction of acoustic materials a new or previously hidden meaning can be revealed for the blind spot of our perception."

in 7:50
out 7:31




Diamanda Galás - Vena Cava

>> Tuesday, May 5, 2009

[USA / 1993 / Mute Records]

"...Galás’s shaman-like gifts of self-transformation and self-transcendence are dramatically evident in Vena Cava. (The title refers to the body’s major artery that returns blood from the heart.) Catch phrases, multiplication tables, obscenities and heartfelt pleas for love are repeated—frantically, obsessively—as Galás’ protagonist struggles to achieve some sort of interior logic. In the works brilliant culmination, she grants the audience a moment of lucidity, pleads for remembrance from those who loved her and faces her final “judge” to a distorted, deafening rendition of Silent Night. Vena Cava is one more astonishing offering from our greatest performer of her generation.”

1. Vena Cava 1 (12:53)
2. Vena Cava 2 (4:55)
3. Vena Cava 3 (6:22)
4. Vena Cava 4 (10:26)
5. Vena Cava 5 (7:35)
6. Vena Cava 6 (1:46)
7. Vena Cava 7 (14:24)
8. Vena Cava 8 (3:11)



Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Ho

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

"And the key word here is Minimalism - short, spiky, shocking, calming, crazy vignettes - 69 of them, following in order on the disc, most without titles, many seemingly repeats of previous 'tracks' in a curious Pelmanized arrangement. It's a recording guaranteed to baffle & confuse as much as it entertains. But the beauty of it's release on CD is that the listener can put this disc on random shuffle and repeat play, creating almost infinite arrangements."