Guilty Connector - Beats, Noise, And Life.

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh so awesome sounds from Japan. Recommended stuff for all lovers of harsh noise. The sound is for some reason low (yet average bitrate is around 200) so keep that in mind while listening.


01. New York Shibaki Terror Conversation (Culture Shock Mix) (7:24)
02. Nishi-Ogi Punk Waste (Whole Lotta Love To SFP) (4:08)
03. Cosmic Conspiracy (Nakano Brain Drain) (4:47)
04 Asagaya Crystal Crypt (The Suginami Dungeon) (7:37)
05. Inokashira Park Brutality (And The Iseya Cruelty) (2:22)
06. Tonight, At All The Akacho In Your Town (Dedicated To Incapacitants) (5:04)
07. Beats, Noise, And Life. (Junjoh Shotengai Never Sleeps) (5:58)


Released via Planet Mu.


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