[C. T. D.] - Your Body...Our Prison

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One of those releases that got lost in my mail vortex. I stumbled upon it accidentally and realized that I haven't post this which is a shame because this is an really solid release. Might get a little repetitively dull at some points but overall it's an enjoyable experience.


01. She Became The Void In My Eyes (11:30)
02. My Pleasure Is Your Suffering (10:15)
03. While She Was Wiping Off The Tears (The Sperm Was Dropping Down Her Hands (13:37)
04. You Begged Me Not To Watch To Doing It (7:36)
05. You Are So Miserable While You're Holding It In Hand (13:32)
06. Your Personal Hell (11:18)

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