Animal Writes - Make Them Suffer

>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

Animal Writes loves kittens, apparently. You should see the band's fabulous MySpace page: dancing kittens, cartoon kittens, and plenty of just plain ol' kittens. But one forgets kittens pretty damn fast in the local trio's presence (one that includes local noise touchstone James Squeaky). A cold, industrial sonic refuse of feedback squalls, scraping and screeching electronics knotted up in a schematic of a post-kitten apocalypse (allergic or not, that's still an ugly world). Sometimes it makes conventional sense (there's some ancient, tripped out Butthole Surfers trapped in this machine) with ragged stabs at rhythm, recognizable guitars and a human voice -- but mainly it shuffles and jerks its way through a junkyard scene of electrical perversion.




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