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>> Sunday, March 29, 2009

77 Industry is an label from Poland and they release (of course) noise among many other things. They also have some experimental videos and things like that. They give all their releases for free download (well they are an netlabel so that makes sense :D)

They sent me several albums for me to listen. And here they are:

Jesus Is A Noise Commander - My Husband Became My Best Friend

I must say I liked this one the least. Nothing against this kind of noise but I really don't enjoy this type of it. It's mostly composed out of field recording and noises made with various objects etc. except the second track which is the all goody harshy noise microphony.


01. i want people to connect with my songs (intro) [01:57]
02. cocaine and soap [01:55]
03. i am now a top shit player [00:38]
04. billy was born dead [03:34]
05. eat cock and fish and chips [01:52]
06. sell me your god or maybe your pets [03:33]
07. the bathroom video game [01:28]
08. no happiness in drugs [00:44]
09. this restaurant is very quiet [06:32]
10. the talking duck, piccadilly circus (outro) [10:10]


Retro - Too Fucked To Drink

This one starts with an really cool noise loop that I enjoyed, almost melodic kinda sound. It eventually degrades into harsh noise madness. This is perhaps my favorite release of this bunch. Fast paced (if there is such a thing) harsh noise with some really tasty sounds. Obviously inspired by Japanese noise. :3

All tracks are untitled.

Total time is 27:43.


Selymes Viragszirom - Bellrol Pusztt

I'm pretty sure Venetian Snares named one of his albums the same hmmm. :O

In any case Retro sounds like fucked up glitch sounds from various computer parts poured through a 5$ speaker. The album later evolves into more harsh and more minimalist sound which I did not really like but that's mostly in last two or three tracks. Quite good stuff tbh.


01. How Much Can I Take [02:09]
02. Rejected [01:47]
03. One More Day Like Today And I'll Kill You [05:58]
04. Pre-Death [03:12]
05. I'm So Imperfect [01:56]
06. Moribund [05:10]


Scordatura - BlackSound

This is just one lengthy track that plays for about 20 minutes called Black Sound. An combination of analogue and digital sounds (if I'm not mistaken). Very minimalist, not much progression but overall enjoyable 20 minutes of my miserable life despite the corny name of the song. The cover is also very pretty.


Dawid Chrapla - Collapse-Singiel

I'm not sure why is this released. I mean, it lasts like 9 minutes and there's just one song. Well anyway this is our last preview of the 77 Industry releases. Despite being relatively short in track length the song definitely does not lack texture nor progression which is what I really like so I left this one for the end. It's kinda eerie ambient mixed with noise (most likely digital, I'm not sure though).


01. Collapse [09:07]



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