Absurd new laws in Serbia! D:

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

This is going to be a little off topic since most of our visitors are not from Serbia nor surrounding countries like myself but I will write this anyway.

The ministry of culture in Serbia brought up an law for music last month. Apparently now you must have an "Association of musicians of the Serbian estrade" (roughly translated) license in order to perform. I'm not sure if the word estrade is used in English but here it basically means the same thing as music scene (usually associated with mainstream music and performers). Unless you don't have this license you are not allowed to perform outside the state and soon they will bring the new law that will also prevent you from playing at local areas. In order to obtain this license you must:

1. Pay an yearly fee of 11200 Dinars (which is about 119 euros).

2. You must pass the musician exam.

3. After you pass the test you must go and perform in front of an jury and then they will decide if you are an musician or not.

4. Starting from February all musicians visas and ATA cards are not valid.

Obviously the jury and definition of music will be defined by pop artists from Serbia. And by pop i mean folk and turbofolk which is the most popular music in Serbia and also very popular in neighboring countries.

People who are into underground forms of music such as metal, punk, noise etc. will not get this license because (and I quote the ministry official response): "alternative music is considered to be an lower form of art (and that's how it's called in most western countries)". Further on the ministry states "Law about culture will clearly define this area and eliminate problems that showed in practice." But they later state that they will form a jury for rock music but that does not solve the problem for more extreme genres.

This an clear attempt to eradicate all kinds of alternative music from the big guys. Obviously non profit bands and people who do DIY albums, hold small gigs etc. will not be able and will not pay this fee nor intend to get this license. Music is supposed to be a form of expression and it's not supposed to be taxed nor it should need a license.

I had hopes that this shithole region in general not just Serbia has passed beyond dictatorship and media control but I guess I was wrong. This is an obvious sign that their government is trying to filter music to their own liking.

The people in Serbia and the underground scene are of course furious about this and started protests, gigs, petitions etc. You can show them support by joining their myspace (www.myspace.com/unus_sr) group if you care.

Personally I think the main problem concerning more underground musicians is that they will not be allowed to cross the borders which is retarded. I'm completely disappointed with this whole thing, I had high hopes. >_>


Hypochondriosis - Not Here & Soft Touch

>> Sunday, March 29, 2009

I have introduced Hypochondriosis before so I don't need to add anything else. He sent us two more of his releases so I thought I should post them all in one. There's obviously an big improvement from the first release. Promising stuff so be sure to check the third one (I liked that one better :P).

Not Here

This is the third album from Hypochondriosis (Experimental music artist from Finland) Mostly atmospheric ambient with vocals and some harsh noise tracks included too.

01. Out Of Your World
02. All This Made Me Desolate
03. Iogha
04. As The Ghost Ejaculates
05. 000 Yeah It's Nothing
06. Storage
07. Gratitude


Soft Touch

Second album. The continuation to "When Green Becomes Purple". This album is more noisy and less ambient but it still has both types of stuff.


1. A Step Forward/A Step Behind
2. Trapped In The Forest Of Filth
3. Removal
4. Acid All Over The Skin
5. Am I Cancer?
6. Cybermalaria
7. Everlasting Diseases
8. To Dislike a Human
9. Unity
10. Snow Hearts
11. Emerald Throat



Facialmess - Kick My Prog Rock

Sort of standard harsh noise pedalin'. It has its weird moments though.


01. Partie Karaoke (8:13)
02. Whatever You Want (1:07)
03. Dance Boy, Dance (16:41)
04. Red Hot Wig Girl (7:13)
05. Shin-Keisei Fucker (16:08)
06. Kick My Prog Rock (15:07)

Part 1 and Part 2.

Released via Harsh Noise!


77 Industry Label

77 Industry is an label from Poland and they release (of course) noise among many other things. They also have some experimental videos and things like that. They give all their releases for free download (well they are an netlabel so that makes sense :D)

They sent me several albums for me to listen. And here they are:

Jesus Is A Noise Commander - My Husband Became My Best Friend

I must say I liked this one the least. Nothing against this kind of noise but I really don't enjoy this type of it. It's mostly composed out of field recording and noises made with various objects etc. except the second track which is the all goody harshy noise microphony.


01. i want people to connect with my songs (intro) [01:57]
02. cocaine and soap [01:55]
03. i am now a top shit player [00:38]
04. billy was born dead [03:34]
05. eat cock and fish and chips [01:52]
06. sell me your god or maybe your pets [03:33]
07. the bathroom video game [01:28]
08. no happiness in drugs [00:44]
09. this restaurant is very quiet [06:32]
10. the talking duck, piccadilly circus (outro) [10:10]


Retro - Too Fucked To Drink

This one starts with an really cool noise loop that I enjoyed, almost melodic kinda sound. It eventually degrades into harsh noise madness. This is perhaps my favorite release of this bunch. Fast paced (if there is such a thing) harsh noise with some really tasty sounds. Obviously inspired by Japanese noise. :3

All tracks are untitled.

Total time is 27:43.


Selymes Viragszirom - Bellrol Pusztt

I'm pretty sure Venetian Snares named one of his albums the same hmmm. :O

In any case Retro sounds like fucked up glitch sounds from various computer parts poured through a 5$ speaker. The album later evolves into more harsh and more minimalist sound which I did not really like but that's mostly in last two or three tracks. Quite good stuff tbh.


01. How Much Can I Take [02:09]
02. Rejected [01:47]
03. One More Day Like Today And I'll Kill You [05:58]
04. Pre-Death [03:12]
05. I'm So Imperfect [01:56]
06. Moribund [05:10]


Scordatura - BlackSound

This is just one lengthy track that plays for about 20 minutes called Black Sound. An combination of analogue and digital sounds (if I'm not mistaken). Very minimalist, not much progression but overall enjoyable 20 minutes of my miserable life despite the corny name of the song. The cover is also very pretty.


Dawid Chrapla - Collapse-Singiel

I'm not sure why is this released. I mean, it lasts like 9 minutes and there's just one song. Well anyway this is our last preview of the 77 Industry releases. Despite being relatively short in track length the song definitely does not lack texture nor progression which is what I really like so I left this one for the end. It's kinda eerie ambient mixed with noise (most likely digital, I'm not sure though).


01. Collapse [09:07]



Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Schimpfluch-Commune Int.

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

More bizzare Rudolf Eber. Bizzare is an understatement. Need I say more?

1 (Introduktion) Fehlstartprinzip (10:25)
2 Schmetter.Linge (6 Yellow Butterflies) (6:54)
3 Schmetter.Linge (2 Black Butterflies) (7:35)
4 Heim Oim Wald (7:01)
5 Pig Buggie (Sau) (2:01)
6 Eselfest (2:20)
7 Herr Und Frau Gott (Vers 1) (1:36)
8 Herr Und Frau Gott (Vers 2) (3:10)
9 Corpse Flower (Gott Ist Tot; Vers 2) (3:29)
10 Rektum Rotations Ritual (2:31)
11 F.Earwig (Sei Tier) (1:08)
12 Zerrpunkt. (Aus) (2:19)
13 Elektrokution (Extroduktion) (1:18)




Hijokaidan - Polar Nights Live

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Absolutely awesome live performances. Recorded live to DAT by Radio Nova at All Ears festival at Blå, Oslo, Norway, January 12 (track 1) and 14 (tracks 2 and 3) 2006.


01. No Oslo No Harm (26:56)
02. Book Of Changes (26:36)
03. Le Rayon Verte (25:38)

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

Released via:

Picadisc and Alchemy Records!



wicked awesome band, a perfect mix of fucked up disco songs and harsh noise. I cannot recommend this enough!!!


[UK / Japan / 2005 / Killer Pimp]

1. Before The Carnival 3:10
2. Discopathology 5:39
3. Honeyfunk 5:48
4. Alive 6:10
5. King Of Pop 3:20
6. Alice In Boogie Wonderland 5:54
7. Smoke 'N' Mirrorz 4:22
8. Thru The Boogie Glass 6:07


a brief history of noise

[UK/Japan / 1997-2000 / Heavy 7 Productions]

1. Silkydoll 3:44
2. Wall of Cute Superdisco Mix 4:11
3. Wall of Cute (Uncute Mix) 6:32
4. Suneater 1 5:50
5. Suneater 2 4:54
6. Suneater 3 4:45



Nor Noise - 12 Portraits About Noise Music

>> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The DVD features interviews and rare concert footage by Tore Honoré Bøe, Masami Akita, Lasse Marhaug, Toshimaru Nakamura, ARM, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Francisco López, Otomo Yoshihide, Helge Sten, Kjell Runar Jenssen, David Cotner and Asbjørn Flø.

I haven't watch this yet (because I have problems with my players I guess, the movie should be working properly though) but since this is in high demand I'll post it anyway.

Overdrive said...

It seems to work fine with vlc media player. Some segments are deliberately silent (I think)

Links in megaupload:





Buy here.


Mutilory - Phase 1 & Phase 2

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mutilory is an fairly new noise project from Michigan. The sound can be best described as slow noisy drone static thing. Something like a huge generator in the middle of nowhere in huge empty building. Quite enjoyable to be honest.

Phase 1


1. Bleeding Glass
2. Possessed Heart
3. Virgin Mary


Phase 2


01. Falling Factory
02. Time Collapses



Jimmy Juliano and The Fluoresents

This is, something. Weirdness and non-music improvisation of some sort. Personally I don't really like this type of noise but I know some people do so I'll post this anyway.


01. the final irony
02. sanitare
03. blue4
04. duox2
05. DIYH
06. evp
07. Finger
08. black5
09. gong
10. Good
11. guitaGD
12. guitar
13. house
14. Hum
15. herdlein-metallic
16. black
17. oomba
18. shuffle
19. sparta
20. mine



Oscillating Innards - Atlanticism

Recorded live during the 2005 US Tour together with Pedestrian Deposit.


Allentown, PA (4:59)
Allentown, PA (5:08)
Lowell, MA / Providence, RI / Reading, MA (5:02)
Portsmouth, NH / Albany, NY (5:04)




Birchville Cat Motel - Our Love Will Destroy The World

>> Monday, March 16, 2009

Absolutely brilliant album. In my opinion one of the best Campbell Kneale has to offer.

Heavens Flaming Horse (7:02)
55,000 Flowers For The Hero (15:51)
Lay Thy Hatred Down (3:18)
Double Cascade Mini Fantasy (5:04)
Our Love Will Destroy The World (11:28)



Taedium Vitae - Appreceptio

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[Poland / 1998 / tryptyk production]

Got this obscure tape from Burek, really don't know what to say about it. Features one member from a polish black metal band Goetia; also, the booklet says there are four tracks but upon listening there are definitely more, so I just ripped the whole tape as a single song. As for the music, most of it is some otherworldly ambient in the vein of Kaniba while sometimes shifting into a more PE sound, there are even some rhythmic parts at the end. All together I must say its quite an enjoyable listen.

Vita (39:55)



Oscillating Innards - Path

>> Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To better describe this release let me quote someones insightful comment from Last.FM.



Side A Kansas In Winter (Ten Weeks Prior) (15:08)
Side B Ten Months (And The Following Twenty Seven Days) (15:07)


Released via Dada Drumming!


Acid Attack - Are we dead or alive

Latest full length from Acid Attack. If someone recalls Acid Attack did a split with Fuck, The Retarded girl some time ago. This time it's only Acid Attack. The sound changed but it's still kinda rooted to the old one. It's still harsh noise with clean moody clean parts (more harsh than calm though). And just like the split it's released through Mr. Anticque Records.


1. Intro
2. Mitwelt
3. The Nausea
4. Malice Spreads like disease
5. Sodom
6. November
7. Madness Letters
8. M.I.C
9. Ashtray
10. Terror Management
11. Solitary Confinement (outro)